Signing Results: Ken Griffey

Signing Results:  Ken Griffey

I have had ‘The Big Red Machine’ on my brain for most of 2010.  And while doing so, I have learned quite a bit about the squad while also picking up some great cards and autographs of the team.

This time around, I was able to participate in a signing in which Ken Griffey was going to be attending.  One of the members of the autograph website that I am a member of was kind enough to offer his help as he was going to be at the show.  I quickly reacted to that invitation, and now I have one more great autograph for my collection.

Here it is, baseball number 43 of the ’30-YOC’ collection:

Pretty nice huh??  I was a bit hesitant when it came to chosing an inscription for Mr. Griffey.  While wildly successful as a major league player, he didn’t quite get the individual notoriety that his peers obtained.  Nonetheless, I am thrilled with how the ball turned out!

And I scored a pretty nice inscription too, huh…

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