As A Florida Marlins Fan, I Somehow Remain Optimistic…

As A Florida Marlins Fan, I Somehow Remain Optimistic…

I don’t believe that any other team in baseball emphasises and displays the fact that ‘Baseball is a Business’ quite like the Florida Marlins.

In fact, when the Marlins were accused of improperly spending money that was given to them for the sole purpose of player personel, I cringed….

When the Marlins let the San Francisco Giants steal Cody Ross away from the team and got nothing in return, I dropped a tear…

When the team dumped Cameron Maybin to the Padres, my heart broke…

And when the Marlins traded Dan Uggla to a division rival, my stomach turned…

But isn’t that what being a fan is all about.  You know, taking the good with the bad.  And even when the bad seems to outweigh the good ten-fold, you still stick firmly by your team and look for the light at the end of the tunnel.

And so as a fan, that is what I do.

This Marlins’ team is so loaded with young talent that they have no clue how to position their players so they can all get time on the field.  We’ve got first basemen playing left field, second basemen playing center, and who knows who will be at third base.

But what I, and many other Marlins’ fans, know is that these guys – from Chris Coghlan to Mike Stanton to Gaby Sanchez to Logan Morrison, these guys can all hit the ball at the big league level.  And when they all settle into their offensive roles, this team will score a lot of runs.

And with the recent additions to the team’s pitching staff as a result of the Cameron Maybin and Andrew Miller trades, as well as adding Javier Vasquez through free-agency, this team also appears to be on a better track from the pitching mound.

So, I will end this post as  I do with all of my Marlins-related posts.  I am a big fan and supporter of the team, and I am eager for the start of Spring Training.


2 responses to “As A Florida Marlins Fan, I Somehow Remain Optimistic…

  1. Less than 2 months until pitchers & catchers report.


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