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Andre Dawson 2010 Topps Manufactured Bat Barrel

Andre Dawson 2010 Topps Manufactured Bat Barrel

Not quite a relic or memorabilia card, I won’t let that deter me from the fact that this series of cards issued by Topps in their 2010 sets look incredible.

Such a unique way to present what actually looks and feels like a bat barrel, Topps really hit a home run with this card.  Limited to just 99 copies, this card is number 12.

I have picked  up a ton of new Andre Dawson releases that were produced in 2010, but this one takes the top prize.

Take a look:

Now, I just have to find a way to score the more limited Black(25) and Pink(1) versions!!!


Brooks Robinson 2010 Topps ‘Cards Your Mom Threw Out’ – 1964 Topps

Brooks Robinson 2010 Topps ‘Cards Your Mom Threw Out’ – 1964 Topps

Man, I just love this series of cards….

This one features a re-print of Robinson’s 1964 Topps baseball card.

And in 1064, Brooks was at the top of his game.  The 27-year old, and 10-year veteran, won the American League MVP award during that 1964 season.

On the year, he put up the following impressive numbers:  .317 batting average, 194 hits, 35 doubles, 3 triples, 28 home runs, 82 runs scored, 118 RBI, and 1 stolen base.  Brooks also continued his streak of collecting individual accolades as he earned his 5th consecutive All-Star appearance and Gold Glove award.

Ozzie Smith 1995 Donruss

Ozzie Smith 1995 Donruss

During his second to last season in the big leagues, Ozzie Smith was still a baseball superstar amongst his peers.  And while age and injuries slowed him to appear in just 44 games during that season, the respect and admiration from his fans led to him making his 14th All-Star team.

In the 44 contests in which he did play, Ozzie collected 31 hits while compiling a .199 batting average.  He hit 5 doubles, 1 triple, and for the 7th time in his career he did not hit a home run.  Ozzie did score 16 runs for the Cardinals while driving in 11.  He also stole 4 bases while being caught 3 times.

Oh, as for the card – You’ve got to love when a company publishes a photo of a Cardinal’s player at Wrigley Field…  someone at Donruss was laughing when this when one made it to print!!

1988 Fleer Superstar Specials – Card #622 – Wally Joyner & Cory Snyder

1988 Fleer Superstar Specials – Card #622 – Wally Joyner & Cory Snyder

“Slugging Sophomores”

The term ‘Sophomore Jinx’ has been applied to many players in all sports.  It refers to a player that fails to duplicate an outstanding rookie season.  But, in 1987, both the Indians’ Cory Snyder and the Angels’ Wally Joyner produced solid campaigns, continuing impressive starts to what will certainly be long and distinguished careers.

Snyder smacked a club leading 33 home runs and drove in 82 runs.  He also proved to be the most durable Indian by playing in team-high 157 games.  Snyder’s two best games were a 3-run effort on May 21 against the Twins and a 2-run home run, 6 RBI explosion against the Royals on July 6.

Joyner following up his strong rookie season with an even stronger sophomore year.  His 34 home runs, 117 RBI’s, 100 runs scored, and 33 doubles all easily outdistanced his rookie numbers  in these categories.  His home run total was third best in the American League and his RBI production ranked fourth.  Wally enjoyed his best game of the season on October 3 against Cleveland when he went 3-for-3 with three home runs.

23 years later – Neither Joyner or Snyder were able to maintain their impressive starts.  While both built and still hold strong fan bases, neither of them went on to become MVP-caliber players.