‘On The Road With psugator02′ – Andrew Luck – January 3, 2011

‘On The Road With psugator02′ – Andrew Luck – January 3, 2011

Orange Bowl
Miami Gardens, Fla.
Monday, January 3, 2011

I didn’t want to graph the game at all because I’m still feeling like crap and because I didn’t think Luck would be that accessible. But when I heard that Arod, Tiger, Elway, Bruce Smith and a bunch of other celebs were expected at the game, I figured I’d give it a shot. A co-worker gave me a free ticket so I really had nothing to lose (other than $30 to park …..$30 WOW).

I sat idle until the start of the fourth quarter. A friend had told me that Bruce Smith was drinking at in-stadium nightclub Liv. Must be a new place because I don’t recall it being there last year during Marlins’ games. Was able to talk my way into the club level but then was stuck outside Liv because I didn’t have the required $325 ticket. Smith had three ways to get out, with only one exit accessible to me. I knew exactly what he was wearing but I didn’t want to go all-in with one guy and also didn’t want to miss Tech and Stanford. So I left after 20 minutes and made my way toward the busses.

Some people at the game had told me that Elway, Smith, Plunkett and maybe others would be at a postgame bash at a nearby hotel. I had one Stanford mini left and really wanted to save it for Plunkett, hoping he would do the Heisman inscription. With that being the case, that left me with nothing for Luck. Another grapher had decided he was going to get Luck to sign his ticket stub, asking him to inscribe “MVP.” I thought that was a great idea but when I took one look at my stub, already bent up, I realized I needed to find someone to give me theirs. First person I asked said it wasn’t a problem. And it was a real stub too, glossy compared to the lame stub given to people who have free tickets.

So now I had something for Luck and Plunkett so I could focus on Tech. I just missed Lou Holtz, though a friend did get a picwith. I stayed on the Tech side and a few minutes later was able to snag Ryan Williams, who couldn’t have been nicer.

I had two Tech photos left and both were for Darren Evans, whom I never did see. No worries. From there I walked back over to the Stanford side. Lots of players were now walking over the barricades to talk to family near me. I didn’t recognize any nor did I need any. I still had my sights on Luck. Seemed like an eternity but he finally walked out, surrounded by security and coaches. Three Stanford busses were lined up one behind the other and Luck walked to the very first bus that was still accessible to the public. But before he got on, he stopped in the family section off to the left of the bus.

As he was making his way toward this section I was able to get his attention. I handed him the stub and he signed it in a rushed fashion. I asked for the “MVP” inscription but I don’t think he heard me, inscribing his number instead.

Andrew Luck: 1/1 (ticket stub from game)

He signed for probably 20 minutes but only for those people in the family section. One grapher gave his item to a security guard, who walked it over to Luck. Luck signed the item and gave it back to the security guard. I thought it was worth a shot so I did the same, and Luck signed my mini, gave it to the security guard, who then gave it to me. Mine was the last graph Luck signed before getting on the bus.

Andrew Luck: 1/1 (Stanford mini)

Everything to come would be a bonus so I made my way to another hotel, supposedly playing host to a postgame bash. I arrived there and saw most of the Tech team and that was it. I could’ve driven to another hotel but at this point it was 3 a.m. and I called it a night. Guess I’ll get Plunkett and Elway another time.

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