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Jim Palmer 2006 Topps Turkey Red

Jim Palmer 2006 Topps Turkey Red

I am not a big fan of turkey.  I enjoy it once a year, usually on the last Thursday in November.

But over the last few months, I have become a bigger fan.  And I have been enjoying my turkey more and more.  Yum.

Below is yet another reason as to why I have been:

Simply beautiful.  Simply artsy.  These Topps Turkey cards are fantastic.  The art that Topps has created on these small pieces of cardboard look incredible.

I have picked up Topps Turkey cards of Joe Morgan, Brooks Robinson, Ernie Banks, and now I am adding Jim Palmer into that mix.  And if I find more cards from these sets of the guys I collect, I will go after them.

Come on Turkey, give me a Dawson!!!  Give me a Fergie!!!

Gary Carter 1983 Fleer ‘Superstar Special’ with Bo Diaz

Gary Carter 1983 Fleer ‘Superstar Special’ with Bo Diaz

I like Gary Carter.  I respect Gary Carter.  I cheer for Gary Carter.  And I collect Gary Carter.

And while this post features another card of Gary Carter that I have obtained for the collection that I am building that honors his playing time with the Expos and Mets, this post will not be about him.

How can I talk about Gary Carter when Bo Diaz steals the show on this card?

And how does he do that?  It’s all in the beard!!!

Just take a look at that perfectly groomed and meticulously shaped facial hair that is covering Diaz’s face.  Simply Awesome!!!

Time to start a Bo Diaz collection?  Nah, but starting a ‘Lovely Beards’ subset is definitely not the worst idea this collector has ever had.  Or is it???

Did You Know…

Reggie Sanders is the only player to play a complete season with a different team for seven straight years.  Following eight seasons with the Cincinnati Reds, Sanders left after the 1998 season and then spent one year with the Padres, Braves, Diamndbacks, Giants, Pirates, and Cardinals.

**factoid courtesy of ‘Big League Trivia’

Happy Birthday Alfonso Soriano!!!

Today, Alfonso Soriano turns 33!!!

One of the most well-rounded players in the game today, Soriano provides the perfect amount of speed and power to the Chicago Cubs line-up.  With (3) 30/30 seasons already under his belt and (1) 40/40 season as well, the sky is the limit for this immensely talented player.

So, for his birthday I wish to give him this – 1 season of perfect health.  No injuries, no days off, no trips to the disabled list.  Let’s see what a 100% healthy Alfonso Soriano can do.  I don’t think another 40/40 season is out of the question!!!  50/50 anyone???

Happy Birthday Alfonso!