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‘My First Time’ – Jeff Bagwell – April 8, 1991

‘My First Time’ – Jeff Bagwell – April 8, 1991

The setting:  Riverfront Stadium, Cincinnati, Ohio.

From Bagwell – “The hairs were standing up on my arms and neck when Lee Greenwood came out there and sang the song about ‘proud to be an American’.  I was proud to be in the major leagues, but it was so much more than that, that day.  I went out there and went 0-for-3, but one of the out was a line-drive to short with the bases loaded off Rob Dibble.  Barry Larkin was standing right behind the bag at second and caught it – I couldn’t believe he had been positioned there.’

The box score – Reds 6, Astros 2.  0-for-3, 1 walk.

2008 Upper Deck Heroes: Ernie Banks, Frank Robinson, & Mike Schmidt – Grey

2008 Upper Deck Heroes: Ernie Banks, Frank Robinson, & Mike Schmidt – Grey


It has been way too long since I landed a new addition to my Ernie Banks 2008 Upper Deck Heroes set.  So, I shopped, shopped, and shopped some more until I finally found a card that I was missing.

And while I may have over-spent just a tad to bring it home, it was worth it as I want to keep this process moving in the right direction.

Without further ado, here is the latest addition to this wonderful set:


This is the Grey version of the Ernie Banks, Frank Robinson, and Mike Schmidt trio card.  Serial numbered as 107/399, the card looks great in Grey as the muted background allows for the player images and team logos to really pop!


Andre Dawson 2010 Topps Update

Andre Dawson 2010 Topps Update

As I continue my march towards 800 different cards in my Andre Dawson collection, there are still a handful of releases from the 2010 sets that I have yet to snag.

And since the 2011 releases have yet to hit the marketplace just yet, I figured the time was right to grab a few more.

So, I did.

This card comes from the 2010 Topps Update set, and it is a great addition to my collection.  Using the same design as the 2010 Topps base set, I love this card of ‘The Hawk’.  The colors are bright and bold, and the action photo used of Andre ripping through a pitch at Wrigley Field is all that this collector needs.

An awesome addition to my collection:


Wade Boggs 1988 Fleer MVP’s

Wade Boggs 1988 Fleer MVP’s

Fleer had a great idea for a subset in 1988 – Take each time and assign an MVP.  And then from there, feature said MVP in a set that contains one card for each team.

Great idea.  And it worked too.

It’s just too bad that they couldn’t grab better photos of some of the players that they chose as MVPs. 

This card of Wade Boggs is nice, but the photo is just a little too odd for me.  I cannot quite tell where he is or what he is doing – I am leaning toward him just being in the on deck circle, but I am not prepared to put money on that hunch…