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‘My First Time’ – Dusty Baker – September 7, 1968

‘My First Time’ – Dusty Baker – September 7, 1968

The setting: Atlanta, Georgia.  Fulton County Stadium

From Baker – “My minor legaue manager told me the good news, just after we had won the championship game, and I called home collect.  I’d had a good year in the low minors, but that was a heck of a jump, being nineteen years old and going from Greenwood in the Western Carolinas league up o Atlanta.”

The box score – Astros 6, Braves 3(10 Innings).  0-for-1 as a pinch hitter.

Andre Dawson 2006 Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts – When It Was A Game – SILVER

Andre Dawson 2006 Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts – When It Was A Game – SILVER

I own the base, and now I have nabbed one of the parallel versions of this card issued by Upper Deck in 2006.

UD’s ‘When It Was A Game’ set offers us a very unique graphic element.  Reminiscent of the always classic 1962 Topps wood grain and the 1987 Topps laminate flooring, UD gave us a nice and bold wood grain border. 

Serial numbered as 502/550, the card’s special feature is that bright and shiny Silver Cubs logo that is center stage.  It looks great, while still allowing the brilliant color photo of Dawson to command the most attention.

Gotta wonder, do these come in Platinum too?

Dale Murphy 2005 Upper Deck Classics – ‘Retro Rookies’

Dale Murphy 2005 Upper Deck Classics – ‘Retro Rookies’

It’s about time that I added a new modern card of Dale Murphy to my collection.  And while the card features an old-school ‘Murph’ in action, I still classify this as a vintage pick-up as it takes me right back to my youth.

I grew up with Dale Murphy on my television.  And I have a ton of memories watching him hit the hell out of the ball while also playing incredible defense all while wearing that glorious mid-1980’s Atlanta Braves uniform as seen in the below image.

Murphy was such a dominant baseball player throughout the decade – I really wish that he got more attention from the Hall of Fame voters…

Here is the card:

I now own 3 or 4 cards from this set.  I think I need to go after some more though – I really enjoy them and the memories that they re-kindle for me!!!

Gary Carter 1978 Topps

Gary Carter 1978 Topps

Finally, I have added another card issued in the 1970’s to my Gary Carter collection.  And now I am happy to announce that I have all of Carter’s Topps cards from that very fun-filled decade!

The card looks great, and the Yellow border is a nice complementary color choice with the Red team banner that flanks the bottom of the card. 

And while I would prefer my Gary Carter baseball cards to feature him playing incredible defense, I will happily settle for a card of him wearing the greatest Powder-Blue uniforms in the history of the sport!!

1978 Topps – A fantastic addition to my Gary Carter collection.