Gary Carter 1978 Topps

Gary Carter 1978 Topps

Finally, I have added another card issued in the 1970’s to my Gary Carter collection.  And now I am happy to announce that I have all of Carter’s Topps cards from that very fun-filled decade!

The card looks great, and the Yellow border is a nice complementary color choice with the Red team banner that flanks the bottom of the card. 

And while I would prefer my Gary Carter baseball cards to feature him playing incredible defense, I will happily settle for a card of him wearing the greatest Powder-Blue uniforms in the history of the sport!!

1978 Topps – A fantastic addition to my Gary Carter collection.

One response to “Gary Carter 1978 Topps

  1. Um, the Kansas City Royals had the best powder blue uniforms in the history of the sport. As an Atlanta native, I’m partial to the Braves unis of the early 80’s but I can’t deny that the Royals were the best.

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