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Dennis Eckersley 2005 Upper Deck ‘League Leaders’ Game Used Jersey Card

Dennis Eckersley 2005 Upper Deck ‘League Leaders’ Game Used Jersey Card

How nice does this one look?

Pretty sweet, huh?  Yeah, I thought so too.  So when I found this card on Ebay with no bids and a low starting price of just $0.99 I went ‘all-in’.  Well, I guess that it cannot be considered ‘all-in’ when the card costs less than a buck, but I’ll take these on all day long for that price!!

The colors of this card are so bold and well-defined – the picture of Eckersley actually looks like it’s in 3-D against the Gold background.

And that piece of Grey Oakland A’s jersey is a perfect complement to the Silver border of the card.

Great job Upper Deck!!!

Fergie Jenkins 2001 Upper Deck Decade – Arms Race

Fergie Jenkins 2001 Upper Deck Decade – Arms Race

This is a pretty cool card of Fergie.

My lone complaint about the card is that the ‘Arms Race’ nameplate is covering what appears to be a very nice looking baseball logo.  What I would have liked to see is the ‘Arms Race’ logo at the top of the card so that great-looking baseball logo could take center-stage along the bottom of the card.

Nonetheless, a very sweet addition to my Fergie Jenkins player collection!!!

Reggie Jackson 1981 Donruss

Reggie Jackson 1981 Donruss

There he is ladies and gentlemen – Mr. October himself, Reggie Jackson!!!

And while I am not 100% certain as to what Reggie is doing in the photo of this 1981 Donruss baseball card, but I have to guess that he just slid into second base and is requesting a ‘Time Out’ from the umpire.

But maybe not, maybe, just maybe, he is laying on the beach in Jersey with his Yankees uniform on.  And maybe, just maybe, a 10 walked by and Reggie had to do a double-take…

1977 Topps World Series Highlights Starring Joe Morgan & Johnny Bench

1977 Topps World Series Highlights Starring Joe Morgan & Johnny Bench

How nice is this, huh?  Two of my favorite players from my favorite baseball dynasty celebrated on one baseball card as they march on to their second consecutive World Series title.

The card, from the 1977 Topps set, is a great addition to my collection of baseball cards that pays homage to ‘The Big Red Machine’.

I am thrilled to add this card to my collection!!!