Gary Carter 1980 Topps

Gary Carter 1980 Topps

Now this is a great action photo!!

Here we have a young, and dirt covered, Gary Carter holding the baseball in his gloved hand high and proudly in the air.

The 1980 Topps baseball card design is a classic one.  And while this card of Carter is not the most popular one from the set, that title goes to Rickey Henderson’s rookie card, it is one of the best designed ones.

With a Blue frame that works perfectly with the color of Carter’s chest protector, the card is centered very well.  And the banners on both the top and bottom of the card’s picture work very well too. 

Surprisingly the Yellow and Brown don’t hurt the card’s look at all…

One response to “Gary Carter 1980 Topps

  1. I like this card…I’m definitely gonna add it to my expos player collection

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