Josh Johnson Collection Up For Grabs!!!

Josh Johnson Collection Up For Grabs!!!

Come one, come all – I am offering up my entire collection of Josh Johnson baseball cards to a good home.

I am a fan of Josh Johnson.  I cheer for Josh Johnson.  I just have no more interest in collecting Josh Johnson’s baseball cards. 

When I originally decided to start collecting cards of JJ, I was trying my best to seek enjoyment in collecting a modern player.  Well, just a few months later that excitement has fizzled, and here I am with a pretty solid 41-card collection that pays tribute to my favorite hurler that wears Black, Teal, and White.  Chock full of goodies, this small collection contains a very nice assortment of cards including several rookies.

What do I want in return, you ask?  Not much – not much at all.  Simply make me an offer and I will accept the best one thrown my way.  I am a vintage guy so if you want to get a head up on the other collectors that may be interested in these cards of JJ, offer me up a card or stack of cards that features old-school players.

Here is the JJ collection that you will get.

If interested, simply leave a comment on this post and if you’re chosen as my trade partner, I will be in touch with you!


5 responses to “Josh Johnson Collection Up For Grabs!!!

  1. Being a HUGE marlins fan, I would love to give them a great home!!! Really hope I am chosen!!.. ty for the consideration

  2. I would trade ya anything of vintage players that You may be interested in. Let me know what you are looking for.

  3. How many of those cards have the portrait shot from the 2008 Topps card. It looks like the 08 Heritage does as well as the A&G.

  4. Thank you very much. Email replied to 🙂

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