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FINALLY!!! The 800th Different Baseball Card In My Andre Dawson Collection Is Home!!!

FINALLY!!!  The 800th Different Baseball Card In My Andre Dawson Collection Is Home!!!




I am so thrilled to get to this point – card #800 of my Andre Dawson is home and I cannot believe that I have hit this collecting milestone.  So much energy and effort and money has been put into this and it feels great to be able to cross this collecting bridge as I continue to try to build one of the most complete collections out there that pays tribute to ‘The Hawk’.

The process at times has been exhausting, but the rewarding feeling that accompanies that work is so worth it.

I am so happy to announce to you, and unveil as well, the 800th different card in my collection that features my favorite baseball player of all-time – Mr. Andre Dawson!!


Thanks for taking this ride with me.  Hopefully #900 is not too far away – I am certainly up for the challenge!!!

Did You Know…

In his last season, Nolan Ryan’s distinguished career ended on September 22, 1993, against the Seattle Mariners at the Kingdome – without him retiring any of the six batters he faced.  After surrendering five runs in the first inning, Ryan tore ligaments in his pitching elbow and was forced to leave the game.

**factoid courtesy of ‘Big League Trivia’

Wade Boggs 1988 Topps All-Star

Wade Boggs 1988 Topps All-Star

Not the most appealing All-Star card that Topps ever issued, this one from the 1988 base set lacks aspects of originality and artistry.

But what it does do is celebrate Wade Boggs and his selection as an American League All-Star.

Did you just ask what Boggs did to deserve that roster spot?  Well, let me tell you…

In 1988, Wade Boggs connected for 214 base hits en route to a .366 batting average and another batting championship for his trophy case.  He led the league with 719 plate appearances that year while also leading the league in walks drawn – 125.  And with all of the incredible lead-off hitters from that season, it was Boggs, who batted third for the Boston Red Sox that led the league in runs scored with 128.  Boggs connected for 45 doubles in ’88 while also racking up 6 triples, 5 home runs, and 58 RBI.

A solid, solid season for one the my generation’s greatest hitters.  No wonder why he made that All-Star squad!!!