‘On The Road With psuGator02’ – UNC Tarheels Basketball – January 26, 2011

‘On The Road With psuGator02’ – UNC Tarheels Basketball – January 26, 2011

Bank United Center
Coral Gables, Fla.
7:15-10:15 p.m.
Wednesday, January 26

Had no idea what to expect since this was my first time ever doing postgame in Coral Gables. Having to be up at 6 a.m., it’s just too far for me during the week. But I’ve decided to do the elite teams when I can. Let’s just say that I was pleasantly surprised with my UNC totals after hearing so many horror stories. The graphing part was amateur hour for me as I decided to try a silver paint pen on a few of the photos. In 25 years of graphing, my staple has been the blue Sharpie. I still like the paint pen, I guess, but I’m gonna have to figure out how to perfect it.

It couldn’t have been a better situation considering Harrison Barnes, the only player I really wanted, hit the winning three-pointer for UNC with only a few seconds left in the game. I thought I might have a chance at a few guys if I stood near the court’s exit. But not one person stopped, though coach Roy Williams did shake a few hands. Got to the bus a few minutes later and it didn’t take long before UNC started boarding. Luckily for me, players, for the most part, came out every few minutes, making them easier to graph. Every single person associated with the team stopped and signed autographs AND posed for pictures if asked.

Roy Williams: 1/1 (8×10) in silver paint, 1/1 (8×10) in blue Sharpie. The paint on the first ran because, and this is a guess, Williams pushed the pen into the photo when he finished signing it. I showed him the gob of paint at the end of his graph and he asked, “Did I do that?” I then gave him another photo and he signed that as well, this one in blue Sharpie. I asked him to inscribe “HOF” but his response was, “I don’t feel comfortable doing that. But you can go ahead and write that on there yourself.”
Reggie Bullock: 2/2  in blue Sharpie
John Henson: 2/2 in silver paint….the amateur that I am, I didn’t let the paint dry on the first so it smeared. I had him sign it again and this time he signed in the perfect spot. I just hope I can erase the smeared graph. The graph on the other 11 that he signed was beautiful but not in the best spot
Harrison Barnes: 1/1 in black Sharpie, 1/1 in blue Sharpie, 0/1…I knew he was going to do the ball because he kept eyeing it as he signed for others. He walked to the middle of the bus after he finished the ball. I told him that I would give him the custom if he would sign the two 11s. Instead of taking the custom, he signed it and gave it back to me. I tried for a third, but he would have no part of it. I was able to get two out of him, but I could see this guy becoming VERY difficult. I was shocked that he didn’t ask to personalize either item.
Other: Former Heat star Tim Hardaway, UM QB Jacory Harris (was sitting near me with a number of attractive, half-naked women), Desmond Howard and Jimmy Graham were also in attendance.

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