Joe Morgan 1965 Topps ROOKIE CARD!!!

Joe Morgan 1965 Topps ROOKIE CARD!!!

This one is long overdue…

I declared my desire to collect all of Joe Morgan’s baseball cards from his playing days more than six months ago.

That is when the wit began.  So, patiently, I waited.  and waited some more.  And then waited even more than that.

That patience finally paid off as I am now the proud owner of a 1965 Topps Joe Morgan rookie card.

Check it out:

In very good condition, I am so happy to finally bring this card into my collection.  When I start new player collections, I try to not let the money a single card may cost deter me from what I am trying to do.  I am trying to pay homage to my favorite players from prior generations so opting to not choose a player because his cards are too costly is not something I let affect my decisions.  Instead, I wait and hunt and seek out the best options. 

And that is what I did, and now I have a great, possibly the greatest Joe Morgan card for my collection that pays tribute to his magnificent career!!!


5 responses to “Joe Morgan 1965 Topps ROOKIE CARD!!!

  1. I am starting out collecting again and decided to start out collecting my favorite player growing up, Paul Blair, who also had a ’65 rookie card. Having been out of collecting around 30 years, I figured I’d have one card for each year of his career, about 17 total. I quickly discovered that there are now things like re-issues, legends of the game, and different types of parallels. I grew quite dismayed when my the list of available Paul Blair cards grew to 54 and then to 70. Depression set in when the number cracked the triple digit mark. I can only imagine how daunting it would be to take on collecting a HOFer like Joe Morgan.

  2. I want a Morgan RC as well.. His later cards are surprisingly cheap though. Despite the fact in remains in public eye as a broadcaster. Congrats on a great pick up!

  3. A wise purchase on your part, sir.

  4. Im becoming more of a Morgan and Paul Blair fan these days. Just got in on a Morgan signing… cant wait to get my item back. Going after Blaire next.

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