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FINALLY!!! The 800th Different Baseball Card In My Andre Dawson Collection Is Home!!!

FINALLY!!!  The 800th Different Baseball Card In My Andre Dawson Collection Is Home!!!




I am so thrilled to get to this point – card #800 of my Andre Dawson is home and I cannot believe that I have hit this collecting milestone.  So much energy and effort and money has been put into this and it feels great to be able to cross this collecting bridge as I continue to try to build one of the most complete collections out there that pays tribute to ‘The Hawk’.

The process at times has been exhausting, but the rewarding feeling that accompanies that work is so worth it.

I am so happy to announce to you, and unveil as well, the 800th different card in my collection that features my favorite baseball player of all-time – Mr. Andre Dawson!!


Thanks for taking this ride with me.  Hopefully #900 is not too far away – I am certainly up for the challenge!!!

Did You Know…

In his last season, Nolan Ryan’s distinguished career ended on September 22, 1993, against the Seattle Mariners at the Kingdome – without him retiring any of the six batters he faced.  After surrendering five runs in the first inning, Ryan tore ligaments in his pitching elbow and was forced to leave the game.

**factoid courtesy of ‘Big League Trivia’

Wade Boggs 1988 Topps All-Star

Wade Boggs 1988 Topps All-Star

Not the most appealing All-Star card that Topps ever issued, this one from the 1988 base set lacks aspects of originality and artistry.

But what it does do is celebrate Wade Boggs and his selection as an American League All-Star.

Did you just ask what Boggs did to deserve that roster spot?  Well, let me tell you…

In 1988, Wade Boggs connected for 214 base hits en route to a .366 batting average and another batting championship for his trophy case.  He led the league with 719 plate appearances that year while also leading the league in walks drawn – 125.  And with all of the incredible lead-off hitters from that season, it was Boggs, who batted third for the Boston Red Sox that led the league in runs scored with 128.  Boggs connected for 45 doubles in ’88 while also racking up 6 triples, 5 home runs, and 58 RBI.

A solid, solid season for one the my generation’s greatest hitters.  No wonder why he made that All-Star squad!!!

Josh Johnson Collection Up For Grabs!!!

Josh Johnson Collection Up For Grabs!!!

Come one, come all – I am offering up my entire collection of Josh Johnson baseball cards to a good home.

I am a fan of Josh Johnson.  I cheer for Josh Johnson.  I just have no more interest in collecting Josh Johnson’s baseball cards. 

When I originally decided to start collecting cards of JJ, I was trying my best to seek enjoyment in collecting a modern player.  Well, just a few months later that excitement has fizzled, and here I am with a pretty solid 41-card collection that pays tribute to my favorite hurler that wears Black, Teal, and White.  Chock full of goodies, this small collection contains a very nice assortment of cards including several rookies.

What do I want in return, you ask?  Not much – not much at all.  Simply make me an offer and I will accept the best one thrown my way.  I am a vintage guy so if you want to get a head up on the other collectors that may be interested in these cards of JJ, offer me up a card or stack of cards that features old-school players.

Here is the JJ collection that you will get.

If interested, simply leave a comment on this post and if you’re chosen as my trade partner, I will be in touch with you!


‘My First Time’ – Carlos Beltran – September 14, 1998

‘My First Time’ – Carlos Beltran – September 14, 1998

The setting – Kaufman Stadium, Kansas City, MO

From Beltran – ‘Both my mom and dad made it to the game, because they had been in Wichita, where I had been playing Double-A.  We drove from Wichita to Kansas City together, and my dad looked very proud the whole way there, that his son was going to the big leagues.  That was his dream.  When I got that first hit, I gave him the ball, and he still has it as his home.’

The Boxscore – Royals 16, A’s 8.  Beltran was 1-for-1 with a single and a walk.  He also scored two runs in the Royals win.

Fergie Jenkins 2000 Fleer ‘Greats Of The Game’

Fergie Jenkins 2000 Fleer ‘Greats Of The Game’

Man, my new Fergie Jenkins collection has really started to take shape in 2011.

And this card from the 2000 Fleer ‘Greats Of The Game’ set is my latest and one of my greatest additions.

I love the card – I love the horizontal design – I love the colors – and I love that action photo of Fergie!!!

And those old wool Cubs uniforms are pretty sweet too, huh??

Gary Carter 1980 Topps

Gary Carter 1980 Topps

Now this is a great action photo!!

Here we have a young, and dirt covered, Gary Carter holding the baseball in his gloved hand high and proudly in the air.

The 1980 Topps baseball card design is a classic one.  And while this card of Carter is not the most popular one from the set, that title goes to Rickey Henderson’s rookie card, it is one of the best designed ones.

With a Blue frame that works perfectly with the color of Carter’s chest protector, the card is centered very well.  And the banners on both the top and bottom of the card’s picture work very well too. 

Surprisingly the Yellow and Brown don’t hurt the card’s look at all…

Is Trevor Hoffman A 1st Ballot Hall Of Famer??

Is Trevor Hoffman A 1st Ballot Hall Of Famer??

With the recent announcement that Trevor Hoffman is retiring from major league baseball, it is a lock that he will join baseball’s elite stars in Cooperstown.

But is he worthy of the ‘1st Ballott Entry’??

I have gone back and forth over the value of a closer for most of the time that I have been a baseball fan.  And during my generation, we have statistically seen some of the best closers that the sport has ever had.

But where does Hoffman fit into that class?

Great question, right?  Let’s dig a little deeper, shall we…

OK, getting the obvious out of the way – Hoffman retires as the game’s all-time saves leader.  With 601 saves during his 18-year big league career, Hoffman recorded more saves than any other player in the history of the sport. 

Does that mark alone grant him entry during his first year of eligibility?  Many will say yes, but for this fan, I see that 601 mark as a sign of consistent performance and injury-free play before I see it has him dominating the game.

A closer look at his 18-year career reveals 1 season with at least 50 saves, 8 seasons with at least 40 saves, and another 5 seasons with at least 30 saves.  While these numbers are solid – and worthy of recognition, the circumstances by which they were earned put Hoffman into a position to ‘pad his stats’.  If the San Diego Padres play in a lot of close games that are decided by 3 runs or less, obviously Hoffman is going to pick up a lot more save opportunities.

Let’s look at his win-loss record.  61-75 is way below-par.  In fact, a record like that would be cause for a demotion to the minor leagues in most cases.

And when it comes to ERA, Hoffman sports a career number of 2.87.  2.87 is solid for a guy starting 40 times a year while hurling for more than 200 innings, but is that a strong number for a guy that typically will face 3 batters or less per game?

Hoffman is a 7-time All-star.  He has 4 Top 10 finishes for the Cy Young award, including 2 runner-up finishes.  He led the league in saves twice during his playing days.

So, is Trevor Hoffman a 1st ballot Hall of Fame player?

For me, the answer is no.  I save that tag for the most elite player – a la Rickey Henderson or Tony Gwynn.  I think he will get a lot of consideration for entry during his first year of eligibility, but I don’t think he’ll capture 75% of the vote the first time out. 

He will be enshrined at Cooperstown, I have no doubt about it.  But personally, for me, I love the thought of keeping the players that gain entry during their 1st year to a very limited and select few.  Watering down that core group should not happen as it will just open the gates and erode the special meaning that being a 1st ballot player should be.

What do you think?  Which side of the fence are you on??

1976 Topps Cincinnati Reds Teams Set – Card #325 – Tony Perez

1976 Topps Cincinnati Reds Teams Set – Card #325 – Tony Perez

Tony Perez was one of the most important and steady parts of ‘The Big Red Machine’.

Playing in Cincinnati for 16 of his 23 big league years, Perez was and still is regarded as one of the team’s greatest players of all-time.

A skilled defender, Perez was primarily used as a first baseman, although he did log over 700 games at third base as well. 

A career .279 hitter, Perez collected 2,732 hits.  He eclipsed the 130 hits plateau 14 times, 10 of which were while playing for the Reds.  Perez has 379 career home runs and has driven in 1,652 runners.  While not a huge threat as a base runner, Perez did steal 49 bases while also scoring 1,272 runs.

Tony Perez is a 7-time All-star.  He finished in the Top 20 for the MVP award 6 times.  Perez was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2000.

Perez starred for both Reds teams that went on to win the 1975 and 1976 World Series championships!!!

Ozzie Smith 1989 Topps All-Star – Glossy

Ozzie Smith 1989 Topps All-Star – Glossy

While Ozzie didn’t really offer up a home run swing during his playing days, you would never know it from looking through his baseball cards.

I have a bunch of cards featuring ‘The Wizzard’ in mid-swing of what looks like a home run-esque shot.

Kind of cool too – like a card of Jose Canseco laying down a bunt…  LOL!