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Willie McCovey 2001 Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts Game-Used Uniform Card

Willie McCovey 2001 Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts Game-Used Uniform Card

Uniform card?  Yes, uniform card!  That’s what it says on the front of the card, and that’s what it says on the back of the card as well.

But I don’t care.  It can be from his jersey or his pants, all I know is that I have added another quality piece to my collection that features Willie McCovey.

And the swatch is pretty big in size too.  And while it may appear to look white on your computer screen, it is in fact a very light beige, very reminiscent of the same beige that is being worn today by Tim Lincecum and Cody Ross.

And while I may enjoy this card a bit more if the photo used of McCovey was in color, I have to admit that the Black and White photo works very well with the design of the card and that fantastic swatch of uniform worn by the Hall of Famer!!!

Eddie Murray 2000 Upper Deck ‘Legends’

Eddie Murray 2000 Upper Deck ‘Legends’

This card has a very nice chrome-type finish to it.  And the metallic Orange that runs along the extreme-right and bottom really helps the Orange of Murray’s uniform pop.

Under the great photo of Murray, the caption reads: “One of the top players of the 1980s and 1990s, Murray is one of only three major leaguers to have both 3,000 hits and 500 home runs in a career”.

And while that quote is now inaccurate, as Rafael Palmeiro is number 4, I have to say that I think Eddie Murray gets very little credit for being one of the most well-rounded offensive sluggers to ever play the game. 

Heck, his company is Hank Aaron and Willie Mays – not too shabby at all…

Ozzie Smith 1993 Topps

Ozzie Smith 1993 Topps

I love cards that feature photos of players signing autographs!!!

An extremely fan-friendly player both during his playing days and after, what a thrill it must have been for any fan to have Ozzie Smith walk along the base line signing autographs! 

Fergie Jenkins 1991 Upper Deck Heroes Of Baseball

Fergie Jenkins 1991 Upper Deck Heroes Of Baseball

Back in 1991, Upper Deck issued a small subset of cards that celebrated the Hall of Fame’s class of ’91.  And of that group, Fergie Jenkins stood proudly!!

This is the second card from that set that I have that features Fergie.  And I believe that I now have both of them that celebrate the only member of the Hall of Fame that was born in Canada.

I have to say that Upper Deck used a fantastic photo of Fergie for this card!!

Gotta love that Ivy in the background too…