1988 Fleer Superstar Specials – Card #627 – John Franco & Steve Bedrosian

1988 Fleer Superstar Specials – Card #627 – John Franco & Steve Bedrosian

“Game Closers”

In 1987 the Phillies’ Steve Bedrosian and the Reds’ John Franco each enjoyed the best season of their careers.  Both were the ‘stoppers’ of their team’s pitching staffs, and both produced remarkable streaks which highlighted their season.

Bedorsian was the major league leader with 40 saves.  He also had five victories, which means that he had a hand in 45 of the Phillies’ 80 victories.  Between May 10 and July 18 Steve recorded 25 saves in 29 games.  Within that period he notched a save in 13-straight appearances, setting a major league record.  Steve struck out 74 batters for the season, while walking only 24.  He also finished the season with an impressive 2.83 ERA and the Cy Young Award.

Franco had 32 saves, eight victories, and a 2.52 ERA.  He did not allow an earned run in his first 13 appearances of the season.  During that stretch, he pitched 13.2 innings, allowing only three hits, fanning eight, and registering one victory along with eight saves.  John also ended the season in fine style – he earned a save in each of his last five appearances.

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