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Andre Dawson 2002 Donruss ‘What If – 1978’

Andre Dawson 2002 Donruss ‘What If – 1978’

Donruss did an awesome job with this set of cards.

Issued in 2002, and titled ‘What If’, the set throws a nice fact about the player on the back of the card. 

The back of this Andre Dawson cards reads: “Dawson helped the Expos break in brand-new Olympic Stadium by winning the National League’s Rookie Of The Year Award in 1977.  He batted .282 with 19 homers, nine triples, 21 stolen bases, and 65 RBI and showcased his powerful right arm with nine assist from center field.”

The colors of this card are extremely bold.    And as you know by now, I am a sucker for those old Montreal Expos uniforms!!!

Joe Morgan 2001 Topps ’50 Years’

Joe Morgan 2001 Topps ’50 Years’

This card was part of a 45-card set issued by Topps in 2001 that celebrated their 50 years producing baseball cards.

The card is a re-print of the 1981 Topps design.

In 1981, Joe Morgan was 37 years old.  And this card is proof that some baseball traditions never die, no matter how old you are. 

The tradition that I am talking about??  The one-legged Little League kneel of course!!

Wade Boggs 1991 Topps Stadium Club

Wade Boggs 1991 Topps Stadium Club

Man, what a great picture!!!

Obviously taken during batting practice, we get to see a master working on perfecting his craft.

I love cards that capture the greatest players doing what they were best known for – and make no mistake about it, Wade Boggs was a master at the art of hitting.

Here is a great card – possibly one of my favorites of Boggs!!!

A fantastic addition to my collection that honor him!!!