‘On The Road With psuGator02′ – Cardinals Camp – February 12, 2011

‘On The Road With psuGator02′ – Cardinals Camp – February 12, 2011

8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
Roger Dean Stadium
Jupiter, Fla.
Saturday, Feb. 12

It had been so long since I had seen a baseball thrown or batted that I had to arrive early. Just like my buddy had said, none of the players signed going in and, unfortunately, few signed going out. It didn’t help that there must have been 25 graphers there and most appeared to be dealers. A complete waste of time, in my opinion, if you consider the time expended. But one event flamed out while I didn’t get concrete info on another. So I was left to graph the Cardinals. Had Molina not stopped it would’ve been a total failure.

Red Schoendienst: 0/1 going in, 0/1 going out though he did wave….A D-list HOFer turned me down and turned me down twice. I love it LOL
Colby Rasmus: 0/1..sort of shocked at this one. I’ve never seen him not sign. I should say, though, that every time he’s signed for me he’s ALWAYS been with a HOT woman….No woman today
Kyle Lohse: 0/1 going in, 0/1 going out….Only way I’ll get him is at the team signing. A newbie asked a local if Lohse signed and the local didn’t even comment, just laughed
Chris Carpenter: 0/1 going in, 0/1 going out
Robert Stock: 0/1 going out…probably would’ve stopped but wasn’t recognized until it was too late
Jaime Garcia: 2/2  in blue Sharpie….He was 1-per but I gave him two, and I think that’s the reason he may have smeared the second
Jake Westbrook: 1/1 (minor-league card)….he was personalizing everything that wasn’t a card….I’m sure people out there are going to make a mint off signed photos of this guy that aren’t personalized.
Yadier Molina: 1/1 (’08 Ginter) in blue Sharpie….been the bane of my existence these last few years….Can’t tell you how many times he’s turned me down when my item was in his face. Even when he has signed he’s given total crap. Not sure what was going on today but not only was he way cool but he took his time with the graph and even would have done a second. I got a bit excited when I looked at the finished graph. THANKS YADI
Jason Motte: 0/1 while jogging…..I left at 12:30 p.m. and he was the only Cardinal still inside the clubhouse. I knew he would’ve done everything I had if I had waited but I was cold and hungry so I left….He looks great, having shaved the beard and lost some weight

Not going back until public workouts begin…..

One response to “‘On The Road With psuGator02′ – Cardinals Camp – February 12, 2011

  1. Nice job Gator,
    Red would have been a great addition…
    Ive been told that Jamie & Westbrook are nice guys, however Yadier can be a diappointment.
    Good luck next time. I’ll stay tuned!

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