Andy Pettitte – Hall Of Fame Worthy???

Andy Pettitte – Hall Of Fame Worthy???

With the recent announcement that Andy Pettitte is retiring from major league baseball after 16 seasons, my first thought was if he is worthy of a Hall of Fame vote.

But the answer to that question is hard to answer with a resounding confidence.

The numbers are solid – 240 wins with 138 losses.  He collected just 2 20-win seasons, but did add another 10 seasons with at least 14 victories.   And while most of his career was played during the era of the specialty reliever, Pettitte threw just 25 complete games and only 4 shutouts.  His career ERA is decent at 3.88, and he has a lifetime strikeout to walk ratio of 2.8:1.

As for the postseason, there is no pitcher that has been as solid.  Boasting 19 career victories and 5 World Series championship rings, Pettitte is the most decorated post-season pitcher of our era.  And second place on this list is a long way off…

As for individual success, Pettitte has earned 2 All-Star selections while finishing in the Top 6 for the Cy Young Award on five different occasions.

And now with the stats and awards out of the way, the question still remains – Is Andy Pettitte worthy of induction into Cooperstown??

My answer – No. 

Sorry Andy, you have been a thrill to watch – and I really have enjoyed watch you build a very strong case for being one of the top pitchers in post-season history.  But that is not enough for me.  For me, you must have been one of the best, if not the best, pitchers in the sport to get that kind of honor.  And while very, very good, I never thought of Andy Pettitte as a team’s ace.  Never winning the Cy Young Award hurts his chances.  He also played for teams that had better pitchers, which put him into the 2nd or 3rd spot on his team’s pitching rotation – never the primary spot…

In five years when Andy Pettitte is officially added to the Hall of Fame ballot, I do hope that he gets 5% of the vote, but I want that for him more as a sign of respect for his championship filled career – not because he belongs in the same class of pitcher that hang their hats at Cooperstown.

Where do you stand on this one?  Yeah or Ney???

6 responses to “Andy Pettitte – Hall Of Fame Worthy???

  1. Kevin Brown didn’t get enough votes to stay on the ballot for more than one year. Andy Pettitte was not as good during the regular season as Brown.

    You’d have to put an awful lot of weight on post-season performance to say that Pettitte belongs in the Hall of Fame when Brown didn’t come close to making the cut, so my answer is no.

  2. Ney, because he’s part of the steroid era.
    I give the guy credit, a lot of credit, for coming out & admitting his use. Pettitte appears to be a good guy, and in my opinoin he was a great pitcher. But, voters will never allow him to enter the HOF. Just like they will never allow Manny, A-Rod, Mac, Bonds or Clemens into the Hall. Nor, should they.
    Got to stick w/ NO on this one!

  3. My gut reaction is nay, but I suppose that once you take into account all of the postseason stuff it does get interesting

  4. Nay. My reasons were stated well by McGee-Fan51.

  5. Nay for reasons stated by McGee-Fan51 as well as the fact that despite championships being what sports are all about, outstanding playoff performances seem to matter little when considering if a player will make it into the Hall or not. Hence the reason why (switching sports here) Chris Osgood will also probably never get into the Hockey Hall-of-Fame either despite being 8th all time in playoff wins and 4th all time in playoff shutouts. I watched him play in the NHL playoffs in 1998, 2008 and 2009 and he was damned near unbeatable. Their outstanding playoff performances tend to be brushed aside rather easily and credited to them being a part of stacked teams rather than anything they did themselves to achieve what they did. Osgood benefited from playing behind an All-Star defence for most of his career in Detroit which was anchored by 6-time (maybe soon to be 7-time) Norris Trophy winner and 1st ballot Hall-of-Famer Nicklas Lidstrom. Pettitte will be seen in much the same way that Osgood will be. Never the ace, played with an All-Star lineup behind him for most of his career, some All-Star games but no individual awards. The team made a decent player look like an All-Star. That’s probably what will be said. The only thing that really makes him stand out is the playoff stats which cannot be denied, but they can and probably will be ignored.

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