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Andre Dawson 1992 Panini Baseball Sticker

Andre Dawson 1992 Panini Baseball Sticker

When you have amassed the kind of collection like I have done of Andre Dawson baseball cards, it is rather hard to find inexpensive ways to add size and quality to the collection.

Lucky for me, Dawson played during a time when several companies were trying to stake their claim in the fastest growing hobby in the United States.  And due to that fact, the number of subsets, oddballs, and limited edition releases was at a crescendo.

This sticker from the 1992 Panini set is an example of that explosion that our beloved hobby went through.  Some could argue that his ‘explosion’ ultimately caused the demise of the hobby as well…

Fergie Jenkins 1990 Swell ‘Baseball Greats’

Fergie Jenkins 1990 Swell ‘Baseball Greats’

“Golly Jee, What a Swell Baseball Card”

LOL – 🙂

Just another classic example of anyone and everyone putting their entries into the hobby of baseball card collecting during the mid-1980’s and into the early 1990’s.

From what I can tell after doing a quick ‘Google’ search for Swell baseball cards, three sets were issued from 1989, 1990, and 1991 for this brand.  The cards are rather basic in design but they do offer a nice, professional baseball card feel rather than an amateurish attempt.

Very affordable more than 20 years from their release, Swell baseball cards can be found on multiple Internet marketplaces with most cards costing less than fifty cents a piece – not to shabby for capturing a new baseball card of my favorite Fergie!!!

Ozzie Smith 1991 Fleer Ultra

Ozzie Smith 1991 Fleer Ultra

How many times have we seen this shot, or something so close to it from ‘The Wizard’?  Quite a few by my account…

A perfect player to capture mastering his craft, it had to be a blast to get assigned to photograph Ozzie Smith for an afternoon ballgame.  And is just so happens that this picture was shot at Wrigley Field – an added bonus!

From the 1991 Fleer Ultra baseball card set, the card is made of a nice cardstock, but the finish is more in line with a matte finish than a glossy one.  I would have to guess that if autographed, a card like this would look phenomenal.

Signed or not, this card is a great addition to the collection that I am building to honor Ozzie Smith’s Hall of Fame career.