Fergie Jenkins 1990 Swell ‘Baseball Greats’

Fergie Jenkins 1990 Swell ‘Baseball Greats’

“Golly Jee, What a Swell Baseball Card”

LOL – 🙂

Just another classic example of anyone and everyone putting their entries into the hobby of baseball card collecting during the mid-1980’s and into the early 1990’s.

From what I can tell after doing a quick ‘Google’ search for Swell baseball cards, three sets were issued from 1989, 1990, and 1991 for this brand.  The cards are rather basic in design but they do offer a nice, professional baseball card feel rather than an amateurish attempt.

Very affordable more than 20 years from their release, Swell baseball cards can be found on multiple Internet marketplaces with most cards costing less than fifty cents a piece – not to shabby for capturing a new baseball card of my favorite Fergie!!!

2 responses to “Fergie Jenkins 1990 Swell ‘Baseball Greats’

  1. Are you sure that’s ’90? I just got a couple Reds and the (c) is ’90 on the back, but they don’t look like that. Now I have to go back and do some more research!

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