Voting For 1: Trevor Hoffman OR Andy Pettitte

Voting For 1:  Trevor Hoffman OR Andy Pettitte

OK, so I realize that nobody is holding a gun to your head.  And I also realize that if you had a vote as a member of the Baseball Writer’s of America that you can make your own decisions and either vote for both, one, or neither of these two recently retired pitchers.

But this is blog-land, and here we force issues, make up stories, and love our sport.

So, my question for you tonight is simple – If you had to pick one, and only one of these guys, would you vote for Trevor Hoffman or Andy Pettitte to be enshrined at Cooperstown??

Within the last few weeks, I have debated the issue for each player and their potential candidacy for Hall of Fame election in five years.  If you want to recap those great posts, you can read the one I did on Trevor Hoffman by clicking here, and then follow that up with my Andy Pettitte story here.

But now, putting their careers on paper and side-by-side I would love to see which way the pendulum swings when you are forced to cast just one vote.

Here are their respective numbers:

  Hoffman Pettitte
Wins 61 240
Losses 75 138
Saves 601 0
K’s 1133 2251
K’s/9 IP 9.4 6.6
ERA 2.87 3.88
All-Star 7 3
Cy Young (2)2nd Place (1)2nd Place
Seasons 18 16
Playoffs 4 13
WS Titles 0 5

And while I fully understand that it is not easy to compare a starting pitcher to a closer for multiple reasons, I think that you can easily match these guys up to the current crop of recently retired pitchers to compare numbers and make a decision.

So that is what I will ask you to do now – Make a decision.  And once you have, please leave a comment on this post so I can get your thoughts and tally up the votes.

And since I was the one who started this debate, I will cast my vote now…

Keeping you scrolling…

Andy Pettitte.  Of the two, I find him to be the more accomplished pitcher when it comes to winning.  And while I absolutely value the role of the ‘closer’ more now than what I did five years ago, I still don’t have a single ‘Trevor Hoffman Moment’ that I hold in my memory.  His numbers may be better, but to me Hoffman is second-fiddle to Eckersley, Rivera, Gossage, Fingers, and Lee Smith.  And while Pettitte cannot touch Palmer, Seaver, Ryan, or Gibson, he has won more than all of them – and that says a lot.

Pettitte 1, Hoffman 0.

Cast your vote now!!!

12 responses to “Voting For 1: Trevor Hoffman OR Andy Pettitte

  1. My vote is for Hoffman, though I would vote for neither if I could. But as the all-time saves record holder (for now, at least), Hoffman carries more historical significance (again, for now).

    But then, Lee Smith was the saves leader when he started on the ballot, and he hasn’t been enshrined yet. And Smith is much higher on my list of players that should be in the Hall.

    Again, I would not vote for either of these guys if I had a BBWAA ballot. But in blog-land, my support goes to Hoffman.

  2. I’m going with Pettitte. He was a key cog on winning teams until the day he retired. Hoffman certainly accumulated a lot of saves, but many were on mediocre teams. Outside of 1998, I really don’t remember Hoffman pitching for a contendor, other than pitching poorly for Milwaukee in 2008. While it’s not his fault he pitched for the Padres for all those years, those saves weren’t in high pressure situations in pennant races. I wouldn’t put him in the same class as Eck, Rivera or Gossage. He had a great career, but based on having to pick one for the sake of the post, I’ll go Pettitte over and over.

  3. I like JT’s comments….
    I choose T. Hoffman any day over Pettitte. Im not even sure the great Mariano Rivera will reach 600 saves by time hes finished playing MLB.
    Why has baseball left Lee Smith out of the HOF? He’s 3rd all time w/ more strike outs than Hoffman or Rivera. Id love to read some feedback on why Lee Smith hasnt been voted in. Sorry to say but Pettitte, who came out like a man, admittedly stated he used HGH which places him in the steroid book. The voters arent ever going to allow these players into the HOF. Not Big Mac, Bonds, A-Rod, Palmero, or any others.
    The Hall Of Fame is way too special & should be treated with honor.
    *Good topic Brian.

  4. Personally I believe that Hoffman deserves to be in the HOF, for the simple fact that he is the all-time leader in a significant category , I.E. saves. Andy Pettite holds no such distinction for any category. I personally don’t believe that you can have a memorial to the game’s greatest players, with out having the all-time leaders in the Hall.

  5. I don’t hink I would vote either, but if I had to choose one, it would be Hoffman. Enshrining Hoffman wouldn’t star any real debates. Enshrining Pettitte would bring up many other names who could get in (Mussina, Morris, Kaat, John and others with slightly less stats than Pettitte). Pettitte, although an excellent pitcher, would bring down the bar. I like an elite Hall.

  6. I would vote Hoffman, in fact I’m a little surprised to see so much debate over it. In my mind Hoffman is very near being a lock for being the all-time leader in such an important category. And during his career I always considered him to be one of the very best at his position. As for Petite I never really considered him to be one of the best pitchers in the game, although I suppose that I do tend to overlook his great playoff numbers.

  7. I’d choose both, but for just one, I have to go with Hoffman.

  8. I vote Hoffman, though I don’t feel strongly about either guy.

    I feel like Hoffman’s a notch below Mariano Rivera despite holding the saves record. However he has had a good rapport with the media, particularly playing in San Diego and while it may come a surprise or even a shock, he’ll be rubber stamped as a first-ballot guy.

    Pettitte was no better than a No.3 pitcher but he does have association with the Core Four in New York and was a vital part of championship teams in 96, 98, 99, 00 and 2009.

  9. Keep in mind that Billy Wagner if he holds to his intention to retire will also be on the ballot in 2016. Wagner has 422 saves well behind Hoffman but some peripheral numbers that are quite impressive..Here are a of that highlight the arguments that will be used against Hoffman.

  10. If I had to choose one it is Hoffmann. He holds the record for Saves. Pettitte is in the conversation for the HoF because of his 5 Titles.

    The rest of his body of work is not quite HOF. He is 100+ gms over .500 which is a stat that can be easily overlooked.

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  12. LEE SMITH !!!

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