Baseball Card Show On Saturday!!!

Baseball Card Show On Saturday!!!

You may recall that I was supposed to attend a baseball card show at my local mall this past weekend.  But when I got to the mall, the card show, the cards, and the dealers were not there.  It was a rough moment for ’30-YOC’, but if you want to re-live that horror, you can do so by clicking here.

Well, the great news is that the promoter of the baseball card show found my post on ’30-Year Old Cardboard’ and emailed me telling me that the shows have now been moved to the fourth Saturday of the month – WHEW!!

So you know where I’ll be for an hour or so on Saturday.  And while I will not be bringing a list of cards that I am hunting for with me, I do have 2 goals this time around:

  1. Inspiration for my next group of Player Collections
  2. Card of Yogi Berra – I hear that he has been signing cards for free through the mail – I am going to test that

So, come back to visit on Monday as I will have a full baseball card show report for you as I highlight each of my purchases.

Thank you and have a nice weekend!!

Wow, the Internet really is a powerful tool, huh??

2 responses to “Baseball Card Show On Saturday!!!

  1. Pick me up a Willie McCovey RC please. O – & a Yogi Berra RC too!

  2. It would be cool if some of the Marlins players liked collecting baseball cards.

    Then again, it would be cool if I lived near Miami so I could go to more card shows.

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