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Ozzie Smith 1990 Fleer

Ozzie Smith 1990 Fleer

I am not positive that a team’s colors were better represented in a baseball card set issued in the 1990’s than with Fleer’s 1990 product.

Take a look:

This card, obviously of Ozzie Smith, has so much Red in it, that is borders on overkill.  But it never quite crosses the line of becoming horrible to look at.

So, I give credit to Fleer.  A very well thought out design, that flashes team colors and pride throughout, their 1990 issue works very well.

And the picture choice that they used for Ozzie Smith’s card is a solid one.  Showing him at the plate taking a mighty swing, the Red jersey and Gray pants combination look great together!!

Very nicely done, indeed.

Fergie Jenkins 2006 Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts

Fergie Jenkins 2006 Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts

Upper Deck has used this image of Fergie Jenkins on quite a few of their modern-era issues.  Lucky for me, I like the picture, and am happy that he is wearing his Cubs uniform proudly in it.

From the 2006 SO Legendary Cuts set, the card is extremely glossy.  And I have to say that while I am not a big fan of ‘art’, I do like the artistic details that were added to the card’s design to make the card look like it has been framed.  From the details in all four corners, to the filigree(yes, I said filigree) that was used near the very royal-looking nameplate at the bottom, this card was designed very well!!

A very nice, and artsy, addition to my growing Fergie Jenkins collection!

Did You Know…

Joe Cowley is the only pitcher whose last career win was a no-hitter.  Cowley was with the White Sox when he held the Angels hitless on September 19, 1986.  The 7-1 win raised his record to 11-9, but he went 0-2 in his next three starts to finish the season at 11-11.  He ended his career with a 33-25 record.

**factoid courtesy of ‘Big League Trivia’

1969 Headline – ‘Mickey Mantle Retires’

1969 Headline – ‘Mickey Mantle Retires’

On this day in 1969 Mickey Mantle retired from the game of baseball.  A legendary player that spent his entire career in New York as a member of the Yankees, ‘The Mick’ was as iconic of a figure in sports as there was.

The funny thing was that Mantle replaced the great Joe DiMaggio when DiMaggio retired from the game.  The fans did not accept him right away as they missed ‘Joey D’ and thought that he could never be replaced.

I will not argue as to which player was the better of the 2, but what I will say is that when Mantle retired after his 18 seasons as a Yankee his numbers were incredible.  With his .298 career average sitting alongside 536 home runs and 1,509 RBI, Mantle solidified his annual All-Star status.  Although his numbers dropped off significantly towards the end of his career, he still managed to be a fan favorite in the Bronx. 

I’m sure that the 7 World Series Championship titles he helped the Yankees achieve didn’t hurt his image either…

‘On The Road With psuGator02′ – Cardinals Team Event w/Albert Pujols – February 26, 2011

‘On The Road With psuGator02′ – Cardinals Team Event w/Albert Pujols – February 26, 2011

Cardinals’ season-ticket signing
Roger Dean Stadium
5:55 a.m.-7 p.m.
Saturday, February 26

Even though I started getting texts from friends at 11 p.m., I told myself that there was no way I was going to wait in line overnight even if that meant only making it through one line. I was halfway through the McGwire line when time lapsed. I wouldn’t do anything differently, though, as the only guy in the third line I needed was Holliday and all I had for him was cards, and I can get those done anytime. If I were anyone else, I’d probably be upset that I wasn’t able to get McGwire but I’ve gotten him a lot this spring and will most likely get him a few more times before ST ends. All my help wanted was for me to buy him breakfast and lunch. Can’t beat that. I do, however, have a problem with the way the event is organized. Those who arrived early added their ‘friends’ to the list. Those ‘friends’ didn’t even show up until very late, yet they were still allowed to cut the line.

One simple solution: pass out wristbands the night before, then line everyone up by number the day of the event. I told a Roger Dean employee that something better needed to be figured out for next year. His response was that fans were responsible for policing themselves.

P.J. Walters: was supposed to be the very first player in the Pujols line but either he wasn’t there or I missed him
Skip Schumaker: 1/1  in blue Sharpie, 1/1 help  in blue Sharpie
Ryan Theriot: 1/1 in blue Sharpie, 1/1 help (card) in blue Sharpie
Ian Snell: 2/2 (’08 Ginter and ’08 Ginter Delaware), 1/1 help (’08 Ginter) in blue Sharpie…….still a great signer
Jason Motte: 1/1 (’09 Ginter) in blue Sharpie, 1/1 help (’09 Ginter) in blue Sharpie…Tried to give him two more. “I think we’re only supposed to do one.”

Albert Pujols: 1/1 (Kings and their Castles poster) in blue Sharpie, 1/1 help (11×14 SI image) in blue Sharpie…..rookie mistake: had ridged cardboard under the poster…..look closely enough and you can see the ridges in Pujols’ graph. Probably would have been better had I put a toploader or something thicker under the poster. Sharpie also skipped a tad though it’s barely noticeable. The photo was thick so the graph came out fine even though the cardboard was under it…. Funny story: my adopted sister’s brother helped me. He knows nothing about baseball or autographs. He wasn’t sure what to do with the photo I had given him so he asked me for help. Albert heard him and got pissed for some odd reason. “This photo is for you (me) and not for him?” I told him that he was my brother, then asked why it mattered. I guess that ticked off Albert and he gave me what looks like his ballpark graph. Guy is a real tool. I had two tickets so why does it matter who keeps the graphs?

Had a late lunch at my favorite Jupiter restaurant. You guessed it. McGwire walked in as we were walking out. We stayed in the car for almost an hour. Seemed like he was taking a long time to eat so my brother went back in to purchase a soda. McGwire was still inside. My friend made eye contact with McGwire’s wife. She must have said something to Mark about my friend recognizing him. Instead of leaving out the front door, McGwire must have left through the kitchen. There’s absolutely no way we could have missed him because our eyes were glued to the door the whole time he was inside. Would have been nice to get two more graphs from him. But I can’t complain because I’ve done pretty well with him the last few weeks.