TTM Success: Dusty Baker

TTM Success:  Dusty Baker

Forever stamps are a collector’s best friend!!  Huh, what kind of cryptic message is that, you ask?  Well, I sent two baseball cards to Dusty Baker in hopes of obtaining his autograph in one of my through the mail adventures – during Spring Training of 2010!!

Yep, almost a year to the day, 358 days to be exact, is what it took.  But I am not complaining.  Oh no, how can you complain when the prize is this:

Nice, huh?  Baker is a great personality for the sport of baseball.  One of the things that I like most about how he handles the job is that he does not let the star players alter his approach to the game.  He has managed some of the greatest players and egos within the last 10+ years, but Dusty is Dusty – and that is admirable!!

Thank you for the great autographs Mr. Baker!!!

One response to “TTM Success: Dusty Baker

  1. Cool! I always skip Baker’s line at the Redsfest, but I might chance 88 cents for his sig.

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