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Ozzie Smith 1989 Topps Glossy All-Star

Ozzie Smith 1989 Topps Glossy All-Star

Man, this card cam be so much better.  You know what I am talking about, right?

By now, you have to know that I am a sucker for the full-body action photo on my baseball cards.  And while this shot is a great action on of Ozzie Smith, Topps cut off half of ‘The Wizard’s’ bat and both of his legs.  😦

Take a look:

Thankfully, there is one saving grace to this baseball card.  Do you know what it is???

Check out that brick backdrop behind Ozzie.  I do believe that my favorite ballpark is on display.


Eddie Murray 2001 Upper Deck Legends

Eddie Murray 2001 Upper Deck Legends

It does not come across in the scan, but this card has an amazing 3-D effect to it.  Murray’s image just leaps off of the cardboard!!!

You guys know me by now – I am a sucker for the full-body action photo.  And nothing, well almost nothing, grates at me more than seeing a baseball bat chopped down in size just for the sake of cropping.

Tell me this, would Upper Deck shave down Paul Bunyon’s axe??  I think not…  LOL!!!

Did You Know…

Duke Snider hit more home runs than any other player during the 1950’s.  With 326 home runs during that decade, Snider hit 40 or more homers for five consecutive seasons from 1953-1957, peaking at 43 homers in 1956.

Happy Birthday Kevin Brown!!

Happy Birthday Kevin Brown!!

Kevin Brown turns 46 years old today.

A 19-year veteran, Kevin Brown enjoyed a very solid major league baseball career as a starting pitcher.  A lifetime record of 211-144, equating to a win percentage of 59.4%, is strong considering some of the cellar-dwelling teams that Brown suited up for.

With dominant stuff on the mound, and very good health, Brown pitched 3,256 innings.  In that time, he compiled a 3.28 ERA while amassing 2,397 strikeouts.

Brown was an All-Star six times and finished in the Top 6 for the Cy Young award on five occasions.  He had one 20-win season with the Texas Rangers in 1992 when he went 21-11.

Kevin Brown is a member of the 1997 World Series Champion Florida Marlins!

Happy Birthday Mr. Brown!!