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Fergie Jenkins Canadian Postage Stamps & First Day Cover!!!

Fergie Jenkins Canadian Postage Stamps & First Day Cover!!!

As a way to honor Black History Month, the Canadian Postal Service dedicated stamps to honor two very accomplished African-Americans that were born in Canada – Ferguson Jenkins being one of them.

I first read about this in December and anxiously waited to see how and if I was going to be able to get these for myself.  Sometime in January, I saw images of the stamps and knew that I would have to get them, and that it may be work, but the stamps would be a great addition to my collection of baseball cards and memorabilia that honors Fergie’s career.

Like clockwork, In February the stamps and cover were issued and available for purchase on Canada’s postal service website.  And after a few days of frustrating web issues and phone calls that led nowhere, I felt like my mission was doomed!!

But then Ebay came along and saved the day.  And now I have the stuff that I wanted, and I am thrilled to show it off to you.

First the stamps.  With a booklet that resembles a ticket to a baseball game, the front and back are littered with Fergie’s career stats.  And the middle is well, full of stamps.

See for yourself:

Very nice huh?  And now for the First Day Cover, which is just a gorgeous piece!!

I told you it was a sweet set!

I am so proud that Fergie received this honor.  His contributions to charities not only in Canada but the United States as well make him a true hero.


Ernie Banks 2004 Donruss Playoff Honors

Ernie Banks 2004 Donruss Playoff Honors

What a beauty here!!

Issued in 2004 by Donruss as part of their Playoff Honors set, this card is a must-have for anyone that values Mr. Cub, Ernie Banks.

The card is beautifully done, and the muted tones in the background really add a nice vintage-feel.  Seeing that Ivy covered wall in the outfield just brings me right back to Wrigley.

And I have to say that the light background really allows for the Blue and Red from Banks’ uniform leap off of the card.

Under Banks’ nameplate it says ‘Shortsop’ as his position.  But from the vantage point of the photo, I cannot quite tell if he is playing shortstop or first base in the shot.  And the glove he is wearing is concealed just enough to not be clear if it is an infielder model or first base mitt…

Regardless, this is a classic addition to my growing Ernie Banks baseball card collection!!  YES!!!

My First Time – Sean Casey – September 12, 1997

My First Time – Sean Casey – September 12, 1997

The Setting – Comiskey Park, Chicago, IL

From Casey – “I remember not having a bat, a helmet, or batting gloves.  I used Manny Ramirez’s bat, Tony Fernandez’s helmet, and Jeff Manto’s batting gloves.  I actually got a hit.  My mom and dad and four of my best friends flew in, they were all there, and it was great.”

The Boxscore – Indians 9, White Sox 0.  Casey goes 1-for-1 and scores a run.

Ozzie Smith 1983 Topps Glossy All-Star

Ozzie Smith 1983 Topps Glossy All-Star

Already an established baseball superstar by the time the 1983 season began, Ozzie Smith was on his way to becoming a household name.  Not only was he coming off of a World Series championship that was captured during the end of his first season with the St. Louis Cardinals, but he was already becoming a staple at All-Star games and a perennial Gold Glove award winner.

In 1983, Ozzie continued his remarkable play.  With supreme control at the plate, Ozzie amassed 626 plate appearances while striking out just 36 times.  He was fierce on the bases too – stealing 34 times successfully en route to scoring 69 runs.

And look at how skinny he was back in ’83.  No player this size can be found in the game today… 

Sending Another Very Special Package To Andre Dawson Today…

Sending Another Very Special Package To Andre Dawson Today…

The title of this post says it all…  On the way to work this morning I am making a quick stop at the Post Office to drop off another package that is headed for my favorite Hall of Famer, Andre Dawson.

While I still have a baseball out to him, I wanted to get this one out to him quickly being that the photo was taken just a few short weeks ago at FanFest.  I’m pretty certain that he’ll remember me, and the picture I am sending will just solidify my loyalty to him and his fantastic career.

Here are the two items that I am sending this time around:

The 2010 Hall of Fame yearbook

8×10 photo of Andre and me from this year’s Florida Marlins FanFest

Stay tuned.  As soon as these items are returned to me, I will share them with you all!!!