Fergie Jenkins Canadian Postage Stamps & First Day Cover!!!

Fergie Jenkins Canadian Postage Stamps & First Day Cover!!!

As a way to honor Black History Month, the Canadian Postal Service dedicated stamps to honor two very accomplished African-Americans that were born in Canada – Ferguson Jenkins being one of them.

I first read about this in December and anxiously waited to see how and if I was going to be able to get these for myself.  Sometime in January, I saw images of the stamps and knew that I would have to get them, and that it may be work, but the stamps would be a great addition to my collection of baseball cards and memorabilia that honors Fergie’s career.

Like clockwork, In February the stamps and cover were issued and available for purchase on Canada’s postal service website.  And after a few days of frustrating web issues and phone calls that led nowhere, I felt like my mission was doomed!!

But then Ebay came along and saved the day.  And now I have the stuff that I wanted, and I am thrilled to show it off to you.

First the stamps.  With a booklet that resembles a ticket to a baseball game, the front and back are littered with Fergie’s career stats.  And the middle is well, full of stamps.

See for yourself:

Very nice huh?  And now for the First Day Cover, which is just a gorgeous piece!!

I told you it was a sweet set!

I am so proud that Fergie received this honor.  His contributions to charities not only in Canada but the United States as well make him a true hero.



2 responses to “Fergie Jenkins Canadian Postage Stamps & First Day Cover!!!

  1. Beautiful, I hope to pick a couple of these up for myself

  2. Anthony O'Neill

    They are pretty nice. I don’t know why Canada Post decided to put 2 Cubs cards on the back. Maybe they couldn’t find any Red Sox cards of him? Even though I have a couple….anyway, nice set. I’m hoping to get mine autographed this summer.

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