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Fergie Jenkins 1989 Topps Premier Edition – Senior League Baseball

Fergie Jenkins 1989 Topps Premier Edition – Senior League Baseball

Here he is again, pitching well into his forties and still brining the heat – Mr. Fergie Jenkins!!

One of the many things that I admire about Fergie Jenkins is that even after his playing days have ended, he still takes great care of his body.  In this picture, you can still see a very fit Fergie Jenkins and he appears to be in great shape.  And now, more than 20 years later he is still very fit. 

This is a sharp card, issued by Topps in 1989.  Taking a piece of the 1987 Topps design, they just transitioned their wood-grain border to this Senior League Baseball set.

I’m going to have to check and see who else is featured in this issue of cards.  Maybe there are some more worth getting…

My First Time – Roger Clemens – May 15, 1984

My First Time – Roger Clemens – May 15, 1984

The setting – Cleveland, OH

From Clemens – “A lot of things happened in that game.  Man, they tried everything, figuring I’m just a rookie.  Bunting, hit and run, suicide squeeze, you name it – they were trying to get into my head.  I came out of the game 4-4.  Everyone was pretty happy with how it went, but I would have liked to have gotten the win.”

The Boxscore – Indians 7, Red Sox 5.  Clemens goes 5 2/3 innings allowing 11 hits and 5 runs while striking out 4 and walking 3.

Bob Gibson 2001 Upper Deck Cooperstown Collection – 1981 Hall Of Famers

Bob Gibson 2001 Upper Deck Cooperstown Collection – 1981 Hall Of Famers

This card was issued as a way to celebrate Bob Gibson’s election into the baseball Hall of Fame back in 1981.

It’s very unfortunate that Upper Deck didn’t invest more time, money, and creativity into the design of the card because the thought was definitely there!

Great concept, poor execution….

This card does not do Bob Gibson or his amazing major league career justice.

Ozzie Smith 1990 Bowman

Ozzie Smith 1990 Bowman

Why on Earth would any baseball card company that was trying to attract collectors publish such a boring baseball card of one of the sport’s most exciting stars??

Maybe they wanted to fail??