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‘On The Road With psugator02’ – Spring Training Road Trip – Day 1

‘On The Road With psugator02’ – Spring Training Road Trip – Day 1

Salt River Flats, Scottsdale, Ariz.
Saturday, March 12
7:30 a.m.-9 p.m.

For the record, it is not necessary to arrive at this park until 9:30 a.m. It didn’t start so great but it really picked up toward the end. Salt River Flats looks a lot like Camelback and has some of the same food stands. I tasted the $8 Yaki Soba noodles (yummy) and had a $5 strawberry-banana shish kabob.

Kelly Johnson: 2/2 (’08 Ginters)
Kirk Gibson: 0/1 “I can’t do that now” before the team boarded the bus for the 1 p.m. away game. 0/1 “I can’t do that now” near the dugout before the start of the night game
J.J. Putz: 0/1 as he walking back toward the clubhouse after work on the backfields and then 1/1. I shouted out for him but he never acknowledged me. He obviously heard me, though, because once he finished running he actually walked back toward me and asked if I still wanted his autograph. Cool dude. Told him that I saw him at the WBC game in Miami (the game where Matt Lindstrom blew out his arm).

Alan Trammell: 1/1 (11×14 SI image), 1/1 (5×7 Topps card from the 1980s)…….I asked him about the Magnum PI episode in which he and Lou Whitaker appeared and he wouldn’t stop talking about it.

Ubaldo Jimenez: 1/1 (11×14) in blue Sharpie, 1/1 (’09 Ginter) in blue Sharpie, picwith, all after finishing a run (He was the starter in the day game). Went back in the clubhouse to change and then signed again on his way out…….2/2 (’09 Ginters)
Todd Helton: 1/1 (’08 Ginter) in blue Sharpie before the night game…..He walked over during batting practice and signed through a spot in the fence. I tried to make small talk, asking him if he followed the Tennessee basketball team. He doesn’t.
Bob Apodaca: 1/1 (card) in blue Sharpie before the night game

Carlos Gonzalez: 1/1 (11X14) in silver paint, 1/1 (SS of ROMLB) in blue ink pen…real cool dude
Troy Tulowitzki: 1/1 (’08 Ginter) in a dead black Sharpie given to him by a fan. Glad I didn’t give him the 11
Dexter Fowler: 1/1 (’09 Ginter) in blue Sharpie.
Jarrod Parker: 2/2 (8x10s) in blue Sharpie…..the only player on either team I got in the stadium before the night game

Didn’t attend the day game, instead choosing to pick off guys as they left. These teams really do it right, signing for everyone from when they enter the stadium until they reach the dugout. Every Rockies’ player signed entering the stadium before the night game. I was on the Dbacks’ side, though, hoping to get Justin Upton and Chris Young. Of course they were the only ones on the entire team who didn’t sign.

Tony Perez 1979 Topps

Tony Perez 1979 Topps

It’s been waaay too long since I added a new card of Tony Perez to my collection that pays honor to his Hall of Fame career.  But I’ll tell you right now, it is not because I didn’t want to.  It has more to do with bad luck on Ebay when it came to trying to add a new card.

But that bad luck is now a thing of the past.  And now I am proud to show of the latest addition to my Tony Perez collection – his 1979 Topps card:

While certainly not the best looking card of Perez in my collection, it does feature a certain thing that I love about vintage cards.

Can you guess what that may be?

Well, since there is no action shot(my favorite kind of card), it has to be that splendid Montreal Expos logo that brings back to many good baseball memories for me from my youth…  Yessir – I love that old logo!!!

Hey, that could be a future ’30-YOC Top Ten’ idea…  Stay tuned.

1988 Fleer Superstar Specials – Card #631 – Tony Gwynn & Tim Raines

1988 Fleer Superstar Specials – Card #631 – Tony Gwynn & Tim Raines

“National League Batting Champs”

Every year since 1984, the names Gwynn and Raines have appeared at or near the top in the National League batting leaders.  This consistency makes these two remarkable hitters among the favorites every season in the race for the National League batting title.

The 1987 National League batting title belonged to Tony Gwynn and his .371 batting average.  It was Tony’s second NL batting title in the last four years.  In 1984 he led the NL with a .351 average.  This left-handed spray hitter has also led the NL in hits in three of the last four seasons.

Tim Raines’ only batting title came in 1986 when he edged both Tony Gwynn and Steve Sax in a race that was not decided until the last game of the season.  The powerfully built, switch-hitting Raines copped MVP honors of the 1987 All-Star Game when his 2-run triple snapped a scoreless tie in the 13th inning.  Tim was no stranger to All-Star pressure, he had been on six previous NL All-Star squads.

Happy Birthday Shawon Dunston!!!

Happy Birthday Shawon Dunston!!!

Shawon Dunston turns 48 years old.

One of the most likeable and recognizable faces in the Cubs’ dugout during the mid-to-late 1980’s. Shawon Dunston was a fan favorite in Chicago.

A highly skilled baseball player, Shawon Dunston enjoyed playing the game each and every day.  With a huge smile as proof, it was very hard to find another player that enjoyed taking the field more than Shawon.  

Whether it was at the plate, with the fans celebrating him with the ‘Shawon-O-Meter’, or in the field when he routinely turned double plays or showed off his cannon of an arm while playing at short, Shawon was electric.

Dunston played 18 years in the majors – for 6 teams.  He is, and will always be a ‘Cubbie’ in my eyes!!! 

Happy Birthday Mr. Dunston!!