Carlton Fisk 2004 Fleer “Greats”

Carlton Fisk 2004 Fleer “Greats”

Fleer did such a tremendous job with their ‘Greats’ issues from the early to mid part of the decade – of all of the products that they made that are now gone, this is the one that I wish carried on.

Perfectly designed and crafted, the card looks and feels like a picture hanging in the hallway of a ballpark.

For this issue from 2004, the frame design and coloring works perfectly with the Sepia tones in the background of the photo.  And the Fleer logo in Red is a perfect complement to the Red of Fisk’s White Sox uniform!!

Great work.  A true work of art!!!

2 responses to “Carlton Fisk 2004 Fleer “Greats”

  1. Very tough cards! Great for autographs. I just grabbed an autographed Paul Molitor 04 Fleer Greats.

  2. A very cool card of the Commander

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