‘On The Road With psugator02’ – Spring Training Road Trip – Day 3

‘On The Road With psugator02’ – Spring Training Road Trip – Day 3

Monday, March 14
9-11:30 a.m.
Cubs in Mesa

Knew the Cubs were hard but thought I might do OK considering this was BP and they actually had an away game. But this was BRUTAL.

Players who signed but I didn’t need: Carlos Marmol, Reed Johnson, Sean Marshall and a few other scrubs
These players were 0/1 and are IMPOSSIBLE: Soriano, Castro
Billy Williams: 1/1 (Perez-Steele) in blue Sharpie with “HOF” inscription. Signed for the 10 people who were waiting. Those who came out of the woodwork were denied. Dude really has no reason to be this grumpy considering he’s a D-level HOFer

Brewers at Giants in Scottsdale
12:30-4:30 p.m.

Toyed with doing Cubs at Mariners but that game didn’t excite me so followed a Chicago grapher to Brewers at Giants. Made a few rookie mistakes only because the local I had been graphing with abandoned me. I guess you have to hang with the gf and children every now and then LOL

Matt Cain: 1/1 (card) in blue Sharpie. I was wandering around the concourse and almost missed him. He signed for everyone waiting by the outside door. I walked up just as he was finishing but was able to snag him in the parking lot. I think he was pissed, though, because he gave me a crappy graph
Tim Lincecum: 0/1…I was with three other graphers and we were about five feet from his car, but he wouldn’t even acknowledge us
Sergio Romo: didn’t need him but you know it’s going to be a rough day when Romo doesn’t even sign

Robin Yount: 1/1 (SS of ROMLB), picwith. He refused to do any inscriptions.

I guess you can’t be everywhere. I didn’t realize that the visiting stars parked behind centerfield. Braun and Fielder all signed on the way to their cars but I was too busy waiting on the Giants. Live and learn I guess. I also didn’t realize Uecker was doing the game. I’ve gotten him before but it sure would’ve been nice to get him on the 11×14 I just had printed.

Yesterday may have been a haul, but this…not so much

2 responses to “‘On The Road With psugator02’ – Spring Training Road Trip – Day 3

  1. Anthony O'Neill

    Not bad. D-level or not, you still got two HOF’ers. Nice job!!

  2. Williams & Yount!!! Whoa!!!

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