Rickey Henderson 2002 Topps

Rickey Henderson 2002 Topps

When I think of Rickey Henderson, I think Oakland A’s and New York Yankees.  In fact, when I try to recall all of the teams that Rickey suited up for during his major league career, the San Diego Padres are one of the teams that I tend to think of last.

I apologize if that offends any Padres fans – that is not my intent, just my truth.

But with all of that being said, I really like this card of Rickey, while in his Padres’ uniform.  At 43 years of age, Rickey still packed a mighty swing as evidenced by this photo.

And would you look at that??  Good old Wrigley Field in the background – SWEET!!!

2 responses to “Rickey Henderson 2002 Topps

  1. the implied movement of the banner graphics match well with Rickey’s swing. He sure was a fun player to watch.

  2. A real player! Guy could probably take LF and the batters box today. And probably steal home! LOL

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