Happy Birthday Brian Jordan!!!

Happy Birthday Brian Jordan!!!

2-Sport superstar Brian Jordan turns 44 years old today.

Often overlooked because of the attention given to Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders, Brian Jordan was another 2-sport star that excelled at both professional baseball and football.

And while Jackson and Sanders may have left bigger impressions on the football field, Jordan was a much better baseball player.

Blessed with power and speed, Jordan had the tools to be an All-Star on the baseball diamond.  A solid hitter, Jordan sports a career batting average of .282 while also having three .300+ seasons under his belt.  With a flare for both speed and power, Jordan collected 119 stolen bases during his 15-year career and 184 home runs as well.

Jordan was selected as an All-Star in 1999.  He placed in the Top 20 for the MVP on three different occasions with his highest place in 1996 at 8th with the St. Louis Cardinals.

Happy Birthday Mr. Jordan!!!

One response to “Happy Birthday Brian Jordan!!!

  1. I wonder if well ever see another dual sport player like Jackson, Sanders, Jordan.

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