Yogi Berra, Strike Two!!!

Yogi Berra, Strike Two!!!

Oh man.  What to do, What to do…

You may recall that I sent a baseball and generous donation to Yogi Berra a few months ago in hopes of adding his autograph to my collection.  That attempt resulted in getting my baseball back, unsigned, with a price list of what it would cost to get my baseball or other items signed by the legendary Berra.

Almost immediately, the emails poured in.  Try this, Try that, Do this instead…

So, I took som advice, stepped up to the plate and send Mr. Berra another item – this time a baseball card.  Off it went, and now just under three weeks later, my baseball card has return and again it is unsigned.  And again, a price list accompanied my return.

$100 for an autograph on a baseball card is what they’re asking for.  If I wasn’t going to fork over $100 to get my ball signed, I am surely not going to send over a Benjamin Franklin to have Yogi sign my card.

So again, I ask – What to do, What to do…

4 responses to “Yogi Berra, Strike Two!!!

  1. Third time is usually a charm….

  2. Don’t give him $100, but I say if you really want him, throw in between $5-20, as sometimes that gives you a better chance. If it doesn’t work out you’ll either get your cash back or if you send a check you can cancel that as well. Good luck!

  3. Oh wow ok, didnt know that. Maybe it doesnt hurt to try it again? He was at the Yankees spring training so you might be able to get him now that hes on his way back.

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