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Dave Winfield 2006 Fleer “Greats Of The Game”

Dave Winfield 2006 Fleer “Greats Of The Game”

WHOA!!!  Not too many players from the 1980’s can pull of a pose like this?  It takes a real slugger to be able to haul three Black bats on his shoulder and offer up a scowl like Winfield is in this shot.

Think about it.  What other sluggers from that era would strike fear into a pitcher like ‘Big Dave’ is here?  Canseco?  Dawson?  Eric Davis?  Not too many more guys than that…


As for the card, I love this set!  And while I do love seeing Winfield in his old San Diego Padres uniform, I enjoy him in his Yankees uniform too.  Fleer made the right choice with this one!!!

Opening Day Contest Players & Their Picks!!!

Opening Day Contest Players & Their Picks!!!

Alrighty Boys, Everyone has made their picks and we’re all ready for the games to begin!!

I would like to thank everyone that participated in my first contest of the 2011 baseball season.  And due to the great response I got to this one, I will work to run contests on a more frequent basis throughout the season – stay tuned.

Don’t forget that for this contest, we are tracking the total number of strikeouts thrown during Friday’s 11 contests.  The player that guesses the closest to the actual number of K’s thrown, without going over, takes the cake.

Here are the players and their picks:

Player # Of K’s
Rod Davis 86
Samuel Pair 94
unclemoe 101
Gregory Zakwin 105
Tom  110
Jeff 112
twang 114
Play At The Plate 127
cubsfan731 132
C.L. 133
jeff p 142
SingleDaddyof2 144
chuckneo 147
Doctor Kas 149
Dan 151
unlikelymoose 157
One Out Away 160
Duane D 163
Ron Churchwell 167
Tai 172
Tim H 175
Charley 177
Nathan 181
Eric L 187
McGee-Fan51 189
The Lost Collector 198

Oh, and a little reminder of the prize that is up for grabs!

Good Luck everyone – enjoy the start of what should be a remarkable year!!!

I’ll Be Watching For History During The 2011 Baseball Season, But I’ll Be Watching These Guys Too…

I’ll Be Watching For History During The 2011 Baseball Season, But I’ll Be Watching These Guys Too…

Last night I told you about some of the amazing baseball history that can be set during the upcoming season.  And while I am very eager to see how all of that plays out as we wait for ‘Opening Day’, I am just as excited to see how these guys are going to do…

Cody Ross – A favorite in my household, Cody is ready to defend his World Series championship in 2011.

Ryan Braun – Quietly putting together an incredible start to his career – should be considered one of the top offensive outfielders in the sport.

Chipper Jones – Back from major offseason surgery, Chipper has so many baseball milestones within reach.  I would love to see him regain his form from just a few seasons ago.

Cameron Maybin – While the Marlins experiment may be over, I’m hoping that a new start in San Diego is just what the doctor ordered for this talented young player.

Manny Ramirez – New team, New attitude.  Manny is ready to prove his doubters wrong.  I hope he does so often…

Roy Halladay – I have to watch the Phillies to see how the division looks.  And while Halladay is my favorite non-Marlins pitcher, I still have to cheer against him.  Something tells me big things are about to happen for him.

Pudge Rodriguez – Looks like he will be the started for the Nationals this year.  A former Marlin, I wish Pudge nothing but success(except when he’s playing against my team).

David Price – I think that he got robbed last year in the Cy Young voting.  I watched him a lot last season, and I expect even more this year as he firmly takes the role of ‘Ace’ for the Rays.

Hanley Ramirez – He says that he wants to be the team’s leader.  And now with his tenure and contract, he should try to prove it every night.  If anyone in the game can do 40/40, it’s Hanley!!!

Man, I cannot wait for the season to start!!!

We’re just a few short days away…  Who do you have your eyes on this year??? 

Tell me all about it!!

‘On The Road With psuGator02′ – Braves/Mets/Cardinals/Marlins – March 26, 2011

‘On The Road With psuGator02′ – Braves/Mets/Cardinals/Marlins – March 26, 2011

Braves at Mets
10:45 a.m.-12:15 p.m.
Port Saint Lucie, Fla.
Saturday, March 26

Arrived at 10:45 and had to wait only 15 minutes for Ralph Kiner. He wasn’t having any part of it this time.

Ralph Kiner: 0/1 “I can’t do that, 0/1 “I can’t do that. I pleaded, “Ralph, it will only take two minutes.” Said Ralph: “Yeah, but if I do it for you then I’ll be signing for 20 minutes.”

I came for him and Carlos Beltran, who was supposed to be appearing in a minor-league game on the backfields. This place is such a fortress that even the gate to the minor-league fields was locked. I didn’t understand why so I begged a few security guards to let me in. That idea failed so I walked into the Mets’ administrative offices. The secretary referred me to a lackey wearing a Mets’ collared shirt who said he sympathized with me, but that no one was allowed into the backfields after 11 a.m. on home games.

I had left my bag in the car, which was probably a bad idea because while I was in the Mets’ office Kiner walked by me. I doubt he would’ve done it anyway because he seemed grumpy. I was just about to head back to Jupiter when I got a text that Sandy Koufax was in camp. Of course, I got a little excited but it wasn’t long before I found out that I had missed him by 30 minutes. The security guard who told me this also said that Koufax stopped signing two weeks ago. I asked him what prompted this. According to the guard, Koufax asked a fan what he planned on doing with the ball he had just signed. “Sell it,” the fan told Koufax. That must have pissed off Koufax, who has since shut it down.

Jupiter, Fla.
1-3:30 p.m.

I chose not to go into the game, instead waiting outside the Cardinals’ parking lot.

Dennis Martinez: 3/3
Bob Gibson: 0/1 despite just two graphers
Mike Aldrete: would’ve stopped but didn’t really need him

Did You Know…

Dwight Gooden is the youngest player ever to win the Cy Young Award.  At just 20-years old, Gooden won the award at the end of the 1985 baseball season with a 24-4 record.  He also led the league in ERA with a 1.53 mark and strikeout with 268.

1997 Headline: The Chipper Jones Candy Bar Debuts

1997 Headline: The Chipper Jones Candy Bar Debuts

On this day in 1997, The ‘Chipper Jones Candy Bar’ debuted.

With a recipe very similar to Nestle Crunch, the Chipper Jones candy bar was a combination of Milk Chocolate and crispy rice pieces.


Now this has me thinking…  How do they decide what kind of candy bar recipe goes for each player’s bar??  Who gets nuggat?  Who gets caramel?  Who gets peanuts???

Happy Birthday Brian Jordan!!!

Happy Birthday Brian Jordan!!!

2-Sport superstar Brian Jordan turns 44 years old today.

Often overlooked because of the attention given to Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders, Brian Jordan was another 2-sport star that excelled at both professional baseball and football.

And while Jackson and Sanders may have left bigger impressions on the football field, Jordan was a much better baseball player.

Blessed with power and speed, Jordan had the tools to be an All-Star on the baseball diamond.  A solid hitter, Jordan sports a career batting average of .282 while also having three .300+ seasons under his belt.  With a flare for both speed and power, Jordan collected 119 stolen bases during his 15-year career and 184 home runs as well.

Jordan was selected as an All-Star in 1999.  He placed in the Top 20 for the MVP on three different occasions with his highest place in 1996 at 8th with the St. Louis Cardinals.

Happy Birthday Mr. Jordan!!!

Former Slugger Jose Canseco Skips Boxing Match, Sends Twin Brother To Hard Rock Event

Former Slugger Jose Canseco Skips Boxing Match, Sends Twin Brother To Hard Rock Event


Former baseball slugger and Miami-Dade resident José Canseco is at it again.

A representative of the firm Celebrity Boxing confirmed Sunday that Canseco was a no-show Saturday at a boxing event in Hollywood – and instead sent his twin brother Ozzie in his place, El Nuevo Herald has learned

Some 30 minutes before his bout against Billy Padden at the Passion nightclub at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, it was discovered that the Canseco who was in South Florida ready to fight was not the same guy who hit 462 homeruns in the Major Leagues.

Damon Feldman, promoter of the celebrity boxing program, which also includes female boxing, had tell about 400 fans who had paid their tickets that there would not be a fight.

“We discovered the Canseco who showed up was Ozzie when he took off his shirt and didn’t have José’s tattoos on the biceps that appear in our advertising,” a Celebrity Boxing representative told El Nuevo Herald. The man said he did not want to be identified.

José Canseco did not respond to telephone calls.

On Sunday, however, José Canseco posted two messages on Twitter saying: “Damon Feldman did not comply with his part of the agreement,” and “be careful with Damon Feldman, the Celebrity Boxing leader, who will not pay you if you fight for him.”

The same source said that the agreed fee for José Canseco to fight in South Florida was $10,000.

“We made him a transfer of $5,000 when we agreed on the fight,” the source said. “Hours before the fight Saturday, we issued a check for the remaining $5,000 in the name of José Canseco, and we delivered it to whom we thought was José Canseco. He declined it and asked that the check be made out to cash, which we did.

“When we discovered that the person to whom we had given the rest of the money was not José but Ozzie, we asked him to return the check, but he refused to do it. We will go to the bank on Monday and put a stop-payment on it.”

The same source said that for the weigh-in Friday at the Passion, Ozzie Canseco showed up wearing sunglasses and never took off his T-shirt.

“Nobody would have questioned then that it was not José Canseco,” the source said. “He looked identical.”

The true identity was revealed because Ozzie Canseco does not have tattoos on his biceps.

Representatives of Celebrity Boxing called the police, and Ozzie Canseco left the Passion nightclub escorted by police officers.

Milestones To Look Forward To During The 2011 Major League Baseball Season

Milestones To Look Forward To During The 2011 Major League Baseball Season

I had a great time doing this prior to the start of the 2010 baseball season, so I thought I would give it another go as we prepare for the start of this upcoming one too.

And away we go….

Derek Jeter needs 74 hits to reach the magical number of 3,000 for his career.

Jim Thome needs 11 home runs to join the 600 HR club.

Mariano Rivera needs 41 saves to become just the second pitcher to reach 600.

If Ichiro collects 200 or more hits, he has 11 200-hit seasons on his resume – a MLB record!!!

If Dan Uggla can amass 30 or more home runs with the Braves, he will continue his record-setting as the game’s greatest slugging second baseman.

Mark Teixeira needs just 25 blasts to reach number 300 of his career.

Can Albert Pujols hit 30+ home runs and drive in 100+ RBI for the 11th straight season and build on baseball history?

Adam Dunn needs 46 home runs to reach 400.  Can his new home in Chicago become his latest launching pad?

Alex Rodriguez is preparing to hit 30+ home runs and 100+ RBI for the 14th consecutive season and 15th overall.  Can he do it again???

So there you have it – These are some of the baseball milestones that I will be tracking as the 2011 season gets under way.

What are you going to be watching for this year??

Baseball Card Show Purchase #11 – Hank Aaron 2005 Donruss Champions

Baseball Card Show Purchase #11 – Hank Aaron 2005 Donruss Champions

For this baseball card, I have found that most collectors either love the design or hate it.  Very little middle ground for this issue by Donruss.

For me, it is a love thing – For Sure!!!

From the matching team colors, to the flags waving in the background, to the space made for an autograph, I love this card.

Nice, huh??

Now I just need to add a card from Aaron’s playing days to my collection!  A man can dream, can’t he??