2010 Topps ‘History Of The World Series’ Subset = EPIC FAIL!!!

2010 Topps ‘History Of The World Series’ Subset = EPIC FAIL!!!

A subset like this is built for collectors just like me.  With a love for the history of the game, I am a sucker for any and all subsets that get released that remind us about the sport’s greatest moments.

For me, it was a no-brainer to purchase this set of 25 cards.  Going in blind, I had no idea what the contents were, but I know enough about the history of the World Series to know that it would be exciting.

Eagerly, I waited for the set to arrive…

And when it did – sheer and utter disappointment!!

It’s not that I don’t like the cards – I do.  It’s just that there are so many moments in World Series history missing from this set – moments that absolutely deserve to be included.

And while there are cards in the set that I did not expect, like two featuring the Florida Marlins, the glaring omissions are just too much for me.

For starters, there is no card celebrating Don Larsen’s perfect game(but there is one of Yogi catching it?).  There is not a single mention of ‘The Big Red Machine”.  No Mookie Wilson or Bill Buckner.  No Kirk Gibson or San Francisco earthquake either.  Oh, and no Joe Carter!  But even bigger of an omission is that of Mr. October himself, Reggie Jackson – WOW!!!

So, I will not be showing off this subset to you one card at a time.  NOPE – consider this my one and only post for this set.

Enjoy the cards…

3 responses to “2010 Topps ‘History Of The World Series’ Subset = EPIC FAIL!!!

  1. No Reggie? Definite FAIL. Game 6 of the 1978 Series was one of the highlights of my youth. My mother, who ran the house with an iron fist, gave me the choice of staying up late to watch either game 6 or 7, but not both. After agonizing over the choice, I decided on game 6 with the secret plan of sneaking a transistor radio to bed if the series went to game 7.

  2. No Mr. October? Hmmm

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