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Mark Grace 2009 Upper Deck SP Legendary Memorabilia Game-Used Jersey Card

Mark Grace 2009 Upper Deck SP Legendary Memorabilia Game-Used Jersey Card

Man, I love Mark Grace!!  Had he not been playing during the time that production of baseball cards exploded, he would surely be on the ’30-YOC’ roster.  In fact, his collection would probably be complete…

So, while I don’t officially collect his cards, I still do shop for them from time to time. 

And this time, time was on my side.

Check out my latest purchase featuring #17:

Sweet, huh? Numbered 40/125, this card looks fantastic!  And the gold framing around the piece of Grace’s jersey makes the card look fantastic!!

With Love, From Uncle Moe!!!

With Love, From Uncle Moe!!!

Roughly two weeks ago I announced the next group of players that would be added to the ’30-YOC’ roster.  As I near completing a few of the players that I am building collections of now, I am ready for some new challenges – my new guys are Bo Jackson, Tony Gwynn, Dwight Gooden, Bob Gibson, Dennis Eckersley, and Kirby Puckett.

Within a few hours of making this announcement on the blog, one of my best Cyber-friends, ‘Uncle Moe’, left me a comment stating that he had a few cards to offer up for these newly created PC’s.

And true to his word, the cards have arrived and just as expected they are perfect starts to my new PC’s.

Take a look:

And what kind of package to ’30-YOC’ would be complete without a card or two of Andre Dawson…

Thank you ‘Moe’.  A very nice gesture indeed.

Oh, and if you want to view one of the most dedicated collectors that I know, stop by and check out Moe’s blog – 2008 Topps Set – as he attempts to collect the 2008 Topps set – FULLY AUTOGRAPHED!!!  It is AWESOME!!!

Robin Yount 2010 Topps ‘Cards Your Mom Threw Out’

Robin Yount 2010 Topps ‘Cards Your Mom Threw Out’

Man, I am love, love, loving this set of cards!!!

And while my preference would be to own the original, I will settle for the reprint issued 35 years after its debut.

I like Robin Yount as a player –  his numbers are strong from start to finish.  I have to wonder how much bigger of a star Yount would have been had he not called Milwaukee his baseball ‘home’ for the duration of his career.

Oh well, at some point Robin Yount will be added to the ’30-YOC’ roster.  And then I will go after getting the 1975 version.  But for now, this will work!


Kirby Puckett 1991 Score

Kirby Puckett 1991 Score

Wow, Purple & Teal are such manly colors.  In fact, the first thing that I think of when seeing the beautiful combination of Purple & Teal is baseball cards.  NOT!!!

I don’t know what Score was thinking when this card hit their production meetings, but these colors are simply god-awful.

Amazingly, the baseball card still looks good.   I am shocked that a card with such dominant colors, that are clearly not baseball colors, can work, but it does.

1991 Score – sheer genius or sheer luck??  You decide…

Happy Birthday Bert Blyleven!!!

Happy Birthday Bert Blyleven!!!

Bert Blyleven turns 60 years old today!!

Bert Blyleven may be more famous toady than he was during any time in his playing days.  His recent election into the Baseball Hall of Fame coupled with his success as the had coach for the Netherlands during the WBC in 2009 has brought renewed life into collecting all things Bert.

Mr. Blyleven has put together an amazing resume.  In 22 seasons, Mr. Blyleven recorded a win-loss record of 287-250.  He threw 242 complete games and 60 shutouts.  He has tallied 3,701 career strikeouts while finishing his career with a 3.31 ERA.  He also has 2 World Series rings from his days with the 1979 Pittsburgh Pirates and 1987 Minnesota Twins teams.

Happy Birthday Mr. Blyleven!!!