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Can My Third Time Be A Charm??? Come on Yogi!!!!

Can My Third Time Be A Charm???

I cannot resist – because the prize is soooo worth it…

But no matter the outcome, this will be my last attempt.  So tomorrow, on the way to work, I will drop off one more letter to the legendary Yogi Berra.  This is the third such letter that I have written in the last 6-7 weeks to him, and if all goes well, I will be pleasantly surprised.  If not, I can say that I gave it my all and move on.

Come on Yogi, the ’30-YOC’ readers are all crossing our fingers!!!

Mike Schmidt 2000 Fleer ‘Greats Of The Game’

Mike Schmidt 2000 Fleer ‘Greats Of The Game’

A very sweet looking card from a very under-appreciated set…

This card, from the 200 Fleer issue titled ‘Greats Of The Game’, is a beauty!  The photo shows Schmidt watching the ball fly off his bat, and it makes me wonder if he connected for one of his legendary longballs on this very swing.

One of the great elements of the card is the strong border color.  And while not an exact match for the Burgundy of the Phillies’ uniform, it is still a very nice complimentary color.

And while the scan may not show you all of the details, the Fleer GOTG logo in the upper left-hand corner of the card is pretty sweet too!!


Tony Gwynn 1988 Topps

Tony Gwynn 1988 Topps

Look Mom, It’s old Shea Stadium in the background of this baseball card!!  LOL

I love when I can identify old stadiums!!

And I love this card of Tony Gwynn too.  You all know that I am a sucker for a full-body action photo on my baseball cards, and while the action has yet to really transpire, it is coming…

In this photo, Gwynn is locked and loaded!!!

1988 Fleer Superstar Specials – Card #633 – Pat Taber & Mark McGwire

1988 Fleer Superstar Specials – Card #633 – Pat Taber & Mark McGwire

“Big Bats At First”

The American League is chock full of outstanding first basemen.  Two of the best are Oakland’s Mark McGwire and Cleveland’s Pat Tabler.

McGwire had the best rookie season baseball fans have seen in a long time.  He led the American League with 49 home runs, and produced 118 RBIs.  Originally projected as a platoon player, Mark got off to such an incredible start that he virtually assured himself of a regular spot at first base.  By the All-Star break Mark had amassed a phenomenal 33 home runs and 68 RBIs.  He was selected to play in the All-Star game – a game which was played in his home ballpark – the Oakland Coliseum.

Table enjoyed the best season of his career.  He set career highs with 34 doubles, 11 home runs, and 86 RBIs.  He also received the ultimate honor of his career when he was chosen to play in the 1987 All-Star Game.  Pat is a clutch hitter and his prowess with the bases loaded has been well documented.  He was the New York Yankees first round selection in the 1976 baseball draft.

Happy Birthday Bret Saberhagen!!!

Happy Birthday Bret Saberhagen!!!

Bret Saberhagen turns 47 years old today.

Bret Saberhagen put together a nice 16-season career for himself.  If it were not for his playing for so many losing teams, who knows what he could have accomplished.  The individual accomplishments that Bret achieved rival those of some of the greatest pitchers from the 1980’s and 90’s.  A 2-time Cy Young Award winner and World Series MVP, many would love to have his resume.

Saberhagen’s career record of  167-117 doesn’t do justice for some of the finest single seasons by any pitcher in the 80’s.  As a member of the Kansas City Royals in 1985, Bret won his first Cy Young award as he finished the season with a 20-6 record while striking out 158 batters andwalking just 38.  The dominance continued into the post-season in ’85 as his Royals went on to win the World Series behind Bret’s MVP performance.  In the ’85 match-up he pitched 2 complete games, earning the win in each, while allowing just 1 run in 18 innings.  A few seasons later in 1989, Saberhagen again had a monstrous year as he went 23-6, with a 2.16 ERA and he struck out 193 batters while allowing just 43 walks.  These amazing stats earned Bret his 2nd Cy Young  Award in 5 seasons.

After 8 amazing seasons with the Royals, Bret went on to play for the New York Mets, Colorado Rockies, and the Boston Red Sox.  Although he did compile 3 more 10+ win seasons during his last 8 years in the big leagues, he was unable to recapture his amazing from from his days in Kansas City.

It should be noted that Saberhagen has an incredible K:walk ratio.  For his career, he has 1,715 strikeouts while giving up just 471 walks – good for a 3.64:1 K:walk ratio which ranks him at #10 in major league history. 

Happy Birthday Mr. Saberhagen!!!