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TTM Success: Hall Of Famer, Monte Irvin!!!

TTM Success:  Hall Of Famer, Monte Irvin!!!

When you respect the game, and love the history of it, you always try to absorb more.  Learn more.  Embrace it more.

I feel very strongly about the sport of baseball – one word to describe my feelings would be passion.

And as passionate I am about watching tomorrow’s Marlins game, I am equally passionate about learning as much as I can of the sports’ amazing history.

One of the payers I have always heard of, but not really researched is Monte Irvin.  A Negro-League player turned Major League player, Irvin was an immensely talented offensive player that provided a slew of skills.  From contact hitting to run production to launching home runs to having a very sharp batter’s eye, Monte Irvin could do it all!!

Voted into the National Baseball Hall Of Fame in 1973, Monte Irvin is one of the oldest living Hall of Famer, and I am thrilled to have this newly signed baseball in my collection.

Thank you, Mr, Irvin!!!

2011 Topps ‘Diamond Anniversary’ – Brooks & Frank Robinson

2011 Topps ‘Diamond Anniversary’ – Brooks & Frank Robinson

I really wish this was the original from 1968.  But I’ll take what I can get – and I will make more of an effort to try to add the original at some point…

But for now, I will cherish this one!!!

Andre Dawson 2011 Topps ’60 Years Of Topps’ – Diamond Anniversary & Original Back

Andre Dawson 2011 Topps ’60 Years Of Topps’ – Diamond Anniversary & Original Back

It was time to take care of some easy ‘gets’ in my Dawson ‘needs’ list.  And one way to do that is to go after base cards.  Base cards come cheap, and everyone is off-loading them.

So I did just that.  This time around I grabbed both versions of the 2011 Topps card that features Andre Dawson.

And while the fronts of the cards are identical…

The backs are anything but…

First is the 2011 Diamond Anniversary back, and second is the 1981 Topps reprint. 

Man, I cannot believe that the 1981 Topps cards were issued 30 years ago.  Makes me feel old just thinking about it….  UGH…

Dennis Eckersley 1984 Donruss

Dennis Eckersley 1984 Donruss

What a great card – just look at how the pitching motion of Dennis Eckersley’s deliver to home plate matches the flow of the Dornuss graphics at the bottom of the card.

I have read perviously that Donruss tried to sue ‘Eck’ over using their graphics to pattern his arm motions, but I lost the article.  I think that it eventually settled out of court with ‘Eck’ vowing to not do it again…  Maybe if I Google it…


Did You Know…

Hall of Famer Tom Seaver holds the record for striking out 10 consecutive batters. 

On April 22, 1970, Seaver’s Mets played the San Diego Padres.  In the game, Seaver struck out 19 batters(10 consecutively), which tied a records set in 1969 by Steve Carlton.