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Udonis Haslem Supports His Florida Marlins!!!

Udonis Haslem Supports His Florida Marlins!!!

This past weekend, Udonis Haslem of the Miami Heat did an autograph signing at the mall by my house.  And while I didn’t have an urge to pay for an autograph, I couldn’t help but stop by and snap a pic of him.

And you know what?  He’s a Marlins fan!!!

Thanks UD!!  And best of luck to you in the NBA playoffs!  Hopefully you’re able to get back onto the court to help the Heat!!

Frank Thomas 2001 Fleer ‘Game Time Lumber’ Game-Used Bat Card

Frank Thomas 2001 Fleer ‘Game Time Lumber’ Game-Used Bat Card

It was time to  add another Frank Thomas relic card to the collection – and I am very happy with the one that I have added this time around…

From the 2001 Fleer set tagged as ‘Game Time Lumber’, the card features a nice chunk from one of Thomas’ bats during his time with the Chicago White Sox.

Here is the card:

Pretty cool, huh?

For me, Thomas is a throwback player.  And when I say that, I mean that he reminds of players from prior generations.  And while he was largely successful during his era, I could see the same results occurring for ‘The Big Hurt’ if he played 20 or 40 years prior.

Another Great Game-Used card for the collection!  YES!!!

Kirby Puckett 1990 Donruss

Kirby Puckett 1990 Donruss

I can hear the crowd chanting in unison: “Kirby, Kirby, Kirby”.

He was so fun to watch when he was at his prime.  A truly dynamic offensive player, Kirby did not look like a slugger, but he could blast home runs just like the big guys.  And while he also didn’t look like he could swipe bases, he actually did fairly well at that too.

That’s probably one of the main reasons that Kirby was so popular, even among non-Twins’ fans.  He was so likable because he looked more like us than some of the other superstars of the time.  He was not built like Canseco or Bo Jackson.  And he was not as physically gifted as Rickey Henderson or Dave Winfield.

What he was though, was an absolute lover of the sport and competition.  Essentials for being a fan-favorite!!!

Fergie Jenkins 1990 Elite Senior Baseball – Hall Of Fame Candidate

Fergie Jenkins 1990 Elite Senior Baseball – Hall Of Fame Candidate

Oh yeah baby!!  Another card of Fergie Jenkins showing that into his forties, he still had what it took to be a competitive pitcher

Probably due to his incredible workout routine as well as his fantastic mechanics, Fergie Jenkins was quite the competitor.

Could you imaging if leagues like these existed today?  I would have to imagine that the sport’s bigger stars from the last 20 years would want nothing to do with it if there were.  None of these guys need the money, and I doubt that they loved the game at the same level as Fergie Jenkins and his peers did…

Just a thought…

1984 Headline: Rose Collects Hit #4,000

1984 Headline: Rose Collects Hit #4,000

Just 8 games into the 1984 baseball season, and in front of 46,000+ fans in Montreal’s Olympic Stadium, Pete Rose made baseball history by becoming just the second player to collect 4,000 hits.

On his home turf, and facing his former team, Rose’s Expos were taking on the Philadelphia Phillies.  In the bottom of the 4th inning, Rose smacked a double off of Jerry Koosman giving him 4,000 hits for his career.

Rose was the first player to collect 4,000 hits since the legendary Ty Cobb.

Congratulations to ‘Charlie Hustle’!!

AL MVP Josh Hamilton Out Up To Two Months With Broken Arm

AL MVP Josh Hamilton Out Up To Two Months With Broken Arm

Associated Press

Texas outfielder Josh Hamilton is expected to miss six to eight weeks after breaking his right arm on a headfirst dive into home plate Tuesday, a dash the AL MVP later called “stupid.”

Hamilton tried to score from third on a foul pop-up near the Detroit dugout in the first inning. Third baseman Brandon Inge and catcher Victor Martinez both chased the ball, leaving the plate unprotected.

Inge made the catch, then tossed the ball to Martinez, who got back in time to tag Hamilton.

“It was a stupid play,” Hamilton said. “The whole time the ball was in the air, the coach was yelling, ‘Go, there’s no one at home,’ and I was thinking, ‘I don’t want to do this, something is going to happen.’

“But I listened to my coach,” he said, referring to third-base coach Dave Anderson. “It was way too aggressive. Maybe if they had both been closer to me, but they had a perfect angle to cut me off, and the only way to avoid a tag in that situation is to go headfirst.”

Rangers general manager Jon Daniels defended Anderson’s decision to send Hamilton.

“We play an aggressive style of baseball,” he said. “The chances of getting hurt on that play are minimal.”

The Rangers said Hamilton has a non-displaced fracture of the humerus bone at the top of his arm, just below the shoulder. He isn’t expected to swing a bat for a month.

Furcal out: The Dodgers placed shortstop Rafael Furcal on the 15-day disabled list after he broke his left thumb while sliding into third base on a steal in the fifth inning of L.A.’s 6-1 win over the Giants on Monday night. Furcal is expected to miss four to six weeks. The Dodgers recalled rookie infielder Ivan De Jesus from Triple-A Albuquerque.

Ladies And Gentlemen, He Is Back!!!

Ladies And Gentlemen, He Is Back!!!

If you have been around the sports card hobby and blogosphere for the last few years, you have been effected by Mario and his Wax Heaven.  Hell, he is probably responsible for the start-up of more than 50% of the blogs that have been around for more than 18 months.  He definitely inspired me to develop this silly blog…

Either directly or indirectly, Mario brought this game to where it is today.  Taking a new approach to covering a hobby that we all have cherished from our youth up to today, Mario entertained us with product reviews, pop culture commentary, and most importantly with loyalty to the cardboard that made him smile throughout his childhood.

And after a brief, but well needed break, he is back!!!

And regardless of what he decides to do with his newly created blog, titled ‘The Wax Morgue’, it will be great.  From the creative writing to the unique look at the hobby to the uncertain future – Mario will deliver quality!

Welcome back Buddy.  You have been missed!!!