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Over The Last Few Days, I Have Ripped Through 12 Packs Of 2011 Topps. And Now, 98% Of The Cards Can Be Yours…

Over The Last Few Days, I Have Ripped Through 12 Packs Of 2011 Topps.  And Now, 98% Of The Cards Can Be Yours…

There is a feeling you get when opening a pack of baseball cards that cannot be captured shopping on Ebay or digging through bargain bins at a card show.

If I had to compare the excitement I feel when tearing into a pack of cards, I would say that it is the same feeling I get when scratching the foil from a lottery ticket.  Anticipation meets giddiness meets ease.

Anyways, over the last few days I picked up a decent stack of 2011 Topps baseball cards.  Ripping open the packs was a lot of fun, but now I am sitting here with cards that I don’t really care to add to my collection.  Sure, I have pulled a few key cards out for myself, and some for a few buddies too, but I am now offering up the remainder to you – the ’30-Year Old Cardboard’ readers.

So, if you want the cards they’re yours.  And if more than one person asks for them, I will split them up.  And if more than two people ask for them, I will break them down a bit further.  And so on…

Simply leave a comment on this post if you’re interested and I will get in touch with you to make arrangements.

If you’re a set builder or a team collector or a player collector or if you just love to hoard baseball cards, these cards can be yours!!!

Here are a few pictures to whet your appetite…

If you wnt them, they’re yours.  Just make it known!!!


Eddie Murray 2003 Fleer ‘Fall Classic’

Eddie Murray 2003 Fleer ‘Fall Classic’

Eddie Murray competed in three World Series match-ups during his career.   Two of his appearances came from his time with the Baltimore Orioles and his final appearance was with the Cleveland Indians.

Ultimately, Murray won just one title – in 1983 with the O’s.  The World Series is not where Murray shined as an offensive player.  In 18 games, he collected just while amassing a paltry .169 batting average.  But, on the positive side, 4 of his 11 hits were home runs!  In those 18 games, Murray drove in 8 runs while scoring 6.

Ozzie Smith 1988 Fleer Superstar Special With Ryne Sandberg

Ozzie Smith 1988 Fleer Superstar Special With Ryne Sandberg

Wow, two of the most popular infielders from the 1980’s.  These guys personified team leadership with their on-field play.

And when it comes to popularity, each of these guys was the most popular player from teams with incredibly loyal fan bases.

Because of the intense rivalry between the Chicago Cubs and the St. Louis Cardinals, seeing this baseball card makes me wonder if players from prior generations would have posed for a photo like this…  Brock and Banks?  Gibson and Jenkins?  Hmmmmm….

My First Time – Kirk Gibson – September 8, 1979

My First Time – Kirk Gibson – September 8, 1979

The Setting – Tiger Stadium.  Detroit, MI.

From Gibson – “We’re playing the Yankees.  Well, they’re up by a run or two in the eighth inning.  Gossage gets up to wamr up, and I want in.  He was the dominant closer of the time, and I wanted to get in there and try against the best.  I notice all of the possible pinch-hitters on our bench are suddenly excusing themselves to go pee.  They want no part of him.  Well, I picked up my bat and moved down towards Sparky.  Finally, he says ‘What do you want’?  I say, ‘I want Gossage’, and Sparky says ‘OK Big Boy’!”

The Boxscore – Yankees 5, Tigers 4.  Gibson goes 0-for-1 with a strikeout.

1993 Headline: Andre Dawson Joins The ‘400 Home Run Club’

1993 Headline: Andre Dawson Joins The ‘400 Home Run Club’

On a new team, and playing in front of his home crowd for the first time, Andre Dawson crushed home run #400 of his career in front of 22,000+ fans at Fenway Park.

The former Expos and Cubs All-star player was signed by Boston as a free agent following the 1992 baseball season.  And it did not take long for ‘The Hawk’ to earn the respect and admiration of the ‘Fewnway Faithful’ when he launched a solo home run over the ‘Green Monster’ in the second inning of the contest off of Indians’ pitcher Jose Mesa.

#400 was the first of what would be 13 home runs that Dawson would hit during his 1993 campaign in Boston.

Happy Anniversary Andre!!!

Bring On The Phillies!!!

Bring On The Phillies!!!

OK, maybe this is not the best approach, but why not go into Philadelphia with a team that is full of confidence in their ability to win?

The Marlins are coming off of a series in which they won 2 out of 3 games from the Braves, and the team’s offense is clicking.  In fact, they’re winning games and scoring runs without the aid of Hanley Ramirez and Mike Stanton.  If those two guys can turn it on, maybe, just maybe ‘The Fish’ can continue their winning ways…

My fingers are crossed, but the opposition is real tough.  And while we’re not facing Roy Halladay or Cliff Lee during this road trip, the challenge of Roy Oswalt and Cole Hamels is not a cake-walk either…

My fingers are crossed.  GO FISH!!!