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The Evolution Of My Collection – Part 9

The Evolution Of My Collection – Part 9

Almost four months has passed since I posted my last ‘Evolution’ post, and as you can expect my collection continues to grow.

Most noticeable, box #7 has been added to the storage.  And while adding a seventh box probably wasn’t mandatory at this time, it does allow me to better my organization as well as keep all of my extra top-loaders and penny sleeves boxed up.

This time around, I won’t break down the exact contents of each box – who knows if that is what you really want to read anyways…  What I will tell you is that I have dedicated one box to my growing Fergie Jenkins collection.  And while it is nowhere near ready to fill all three rows of the box, it does allow for me to expand without worry about room.

So, without further ado, here is my entire collection of baseball cards:


Kirby Puckett 1990 Score

Kirby Puckett 1990 Score

Score did it right with this one!  Yeah Baby!!

Brimming with bright colors, the 1990 Score baseball card is simple in design, but effective.

The card’s bold 2-color border works well, and does not take away from the card’s picture.  And a picture – great job by the photographer on this one!!

By the looks of it, Kirby either hit a pop-up to the infield on this one or possibly a foul ball behind him…  What do you think?

1988 Fleer Superstar Specials – Card #634 – Tony Gwynn & Vince Coleman

1988 Fleer Superstar Specials – Card #634 – Tony Gwynn & Vince Coleman

“Hitting King And The Thief”

Tony Gwynn and Vince Coleman are two players who can impact a game in different ways.  Gwynn can do it with a well placed single, and Coleman with a well timed stolen base.

In 1987, Tony Gwynn rapped 162 singles, the most in the majors.  No surprise there, Tony has now led the National League in singles three of the last four seasons.  As a matter of fact, 772 of his 988 career hits have been singles, an amazing 78 percent.  If Tony keeps chipping away he might someday reach the heights of Pete Rose (3,215), Ty Cobb (3,052), and Eddie Collins (2,639), the greatest singles hitters of all-time.

Vince Coleman is the most wanted man in baseball.  He turns walks and singles into doubles and triples.  His 109 stolen bases in 1987 made him the first player in baseball history to steal 100 or more bases in his first three major league seasons.  When Vince is on base, he is one of the most disruptive forces in the game today.

Happy Anniversary Mike Schmidt!!!

Happy Anniversary Mike Schmidt!!!

On this day in 1987 Michael Jack Schmidt hit the 500th home run of is incredible career!!

I remember watching the highlights of this game.  The joy that Schmidt shared with us as he rounded the bases while pumping his fists is one of the greatest memories I have of baseball from 1980’s.  Rarely do you see a player emit so much joy during a game, but Schmidt did not hold back and I am thankful that  I was able to enjoy his moment with him.

Schmidt finished his career with 548 home runs placing him in 13th place on the all-time list. 

Congratulations Mike and Happy Anniversary!!!