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Had Lunch With Andre Dawson Today!!!

Had Lunch With Andre Dawson Today!!!

Wow, how is that for a headline?  Just making my best efforts to draw you in…

And while I didn’t exactly sit down and consume a meal with ‘The Hawk’, I did take an extended lunch break in order to see him at a public appearance he was doing roughly 30 minutes from where I work. 

Sponsored by Mobil, Andre Dawson was on hand to meet the public and sign autographs.

It’s just too bad that probably no more than 40 fans showed up…  But it was certainly good for me!!!

I got to the event 15 minutes before it started.  I met a few friends, made some small talk, and then Andre came out and began singing for everyone.  In typical Dawson fashion, he took his time signing each autograph, and as usual each one looked spectacular!!

Since I had some time to prepare for this event (found out about it a week ago), I brought a few premium items with me.  And he signed them all!!!

During my first trip through the line, Andre signed two items for me.

A Rawlings ‘Big Stick baseball bat:

And a Black Rawlings baseball:

And since many others were getting back in the line, I did the same.

The second time around, I went vintage:

Andre’s first appearance on the cover of Sports Illustrated:

And his second cover as well:

Sick stuff, huh???  Yeah, I know!!!

I could have hung around a little more, but had to get back to work.  By the time that I left there were not more than 8-10 people waiting for autographs.  And while I was hoping for a little more interaction with my favorite baseball player of all-time, I think he was a little disturbed by a few overzealous autograph hounds that were stacking items in front of him.

Nonetheless, the event was a huge success for me.  I cannot recall ever hearing of a major league Hall of Famer doing a FREE signing for the public like this.  And the fact that it was another chance to meet and shake the hand of the guy that I grew up watching is three layers of icing on the cake.

Oh, I also had to opt for another photo of me and ‘Hawk’ too. 


Thank You, Andre!!!  And Thank You Mobil!!!

Baseball Card Show On Saturday!!!

Baseball Card Show On Saturday!!!

I’m not going to get this one wrong again…  Saturday is the 4th Saturday of April and that means one thing to this collector – BASEBALL CARD SHOW at the mall!!

And I will be there to soak in all of the cardboard fun that I can find.

My mission this time around?  I’ve got a craving for cardboard – and I want rookies!!  Lots of rookies!!  And if you knwo me by know, that means rookie cards of the guys I cheered for duing my youth.  Hopefully some of the dealers present can assist me with that goal…

So, be sure to come back on Monday(and before too) as I will share all of my purchases with you throughout the day.

Have a nice weekend!!!

Ron Santo 1970 Topps

Ron Santo 1970 Topps

Grey is not a traditional border color for baseball cards.  Probably because it is so neutral, the color adds very little to a card’s look.  In fact, it can actually hurt a card’s design as it kind of stops the action…

This card here is Ron Santo’s base card from the 1970 Topps set.  And even though it proudly boasts a Grey border, the card looks pretty sweet.

The interesting camera angle and point of which the photographer captured Santo’s ‘mach swing’ probably has something to do with that!!!

Fergie Jenkins 2001 Upper Deck Decades – 1970’s

Fergie Jenkins 2001 Upper Deck Decades – 1970’s

Overwhelming with 1970’s design and color, this card was issued in 2001, but could have easily been created 30 years prior.

Issued as part of its ‘Decades’ set by Upper Deck, this set honored the greatest players of the decade so I am very happy to find out and now own the one that plays tribute to Fergie’s magnificent career!!

Steve Carlton 2004 Fleer Greats

Steve Carlton 2004 Fleer Greats

There are not too many cards out there of Steve Carlton wearing his St. Louis Cardinals uniform.  Heck, there’s not too many collectors out there that know Carlton started his big league career in St. Louis.

But that is one of the things that I love most about collecting – the memories a baseball card will bring back!!!

There are some legendary players in this sport that are synonymous with being on a single team.  But that is just not the case…  Lou Brock, Ryne Sandberg, and of course Steve Carlton!!  This card offers up a great glimpse of baseball history!!!

Ozzie Smith 1996 Upper Deck Collector’s Choice Checklist

Ozzie Smith 1996 Upper Deck Collector’s Choice Checklist


Ozzie is throwing it right at you!!!


My First Time – Tom Glavine – August 17, 1987

My First Time – Tom Glavine – August 17, 1987

The Setting – The Astrodome.  Houston, TX.

From Glavine – “I was nervous but tried to maintain my composure best I could.  It didn’t go real well, but it was fun.  My mom and dad, my high school coach came down, which was cool.  I kept giving up singles – I gave up maybe ten hits, and I think nine of them were singles.  And I walked a bunch of guys too..  I didn’t deserve to win.”

The Boxscore – Astros 11, Braves 2.  Glavine goes 3.2 innings allowing 10 hits, and 6 runs.

Milwaukee Brewers’ Ryan Braun Signs $105M, 5-Year Extension

Milwaukee Brewers’ Ryan Braun Signs $105M, 5-Year Extension

From Yahoo Sports!

For the next five seasons, Ryan Braun(notes)will continue being one of the best bargains in major league baseball.

Only now he’ll do so with the promise of a huge payday that awaits him in 2015.

On Thursday afternoon, the Milwaukee Brewers and their prized left fielder announced a jump-the-gun contract extension worth a whopping $105 million over five years. The deal will guarantee Braun’s spot as the franchise cornerstone at Miller Park through 2020 and will pay him more per season than any outfielder in baseball history not named Manny Ramirez(notes). It includes a $10 million signing bonus.

From JS Online:  

The five years, which run from 2016-2020, are worth $105 million. There is a $10 million signing bonus, with salaries of $19 million in 2016, 2017 and 2018, $18 million in 2019 and $16 million in 2020. There is a mutual option in 2021 worth up to $20 million with a $4 million buyout. It includes a no-trade provision and Braun agreed to defer some salary to help keep the team competitive.

The annual yearly value of $21 million is second-highest ever for an outfielder (after Manny Ramirez’s last two-year deal with Dodgers). That’s in addition to the $45 million, eight-year deal he signed in  May 2008 — still the largest deal ever (total and AAV) signed by a  player with less than one year of service time.

MLB.com’s Adam McCalvy reports that deferred compensation was a key part of the deal, so Braun will have to wait even longer before collecting all of this massive paycheck. But it’s obviously still an awesome contract for a player who has already proven that he enjoys the security gained by trading the possibility of future free agency for what still amounts to trucks full of guaranteed money in the here and now.

Indeed, other than maybe Evan Longoria(notes), Ryan Braun might be the most security-seeking star in the league. Tom Haudricourt reports that it’s the first time a player with five years left on his deal has agreed to a contract extension.

From the Brewers’ standpoint, Braun is definitely a star they want to keep around as Miller Park continues to attract around 3 million fans per year. His offensive numbers through his first four years have been stellar and he’s not the type of player a small market team can afford to stray closer toward free agency. What you might risk from paying him that much in the last few years of his deal is saved by eliminating the risk of competition allowing Braun to extract even more years at an older age (ie: Jayson Werth(notes) getting a seven-year, $126 million deal from the Nationals at age 31).