Signing Results: Hall Of Famer & 2-Time NL MVP, Mr. Joe Morgan!!

Signing Results:  Hall Of Famer & 2-Time NL MVP, Mr. Joe Morgan!!

I’m still not certain that I have words for this…  and I like to write.

Simply stated, Joe Morgan is one of my favorite baseball players of all-time.  And even while he won multiple MVP awards and multiple World Series titles, I find him to be under-appreciated by the baseball word.  Joe Morgan could do it all on the baseball field – and while Pete Rose was the best hitter and Johnny Bench was the best slugger and Tony Perez was the best producer of runs, it was Joe Morgan that combined all of those skills making him the ‘Big Red Machine’s’ most talented all-around player.

Morgan did a signing a few weeks ago.  And when a buddy of mine on one of the autographs websites that I belong to provided a link to the show and its pricing, I was hooked.

So, I ordered myself a signed Joe Morgan baseball with a Hall of Fame inscription.

And here it is:

And since my friend was present at the signing, I was also able to snag a picture of Morgan signing the ball!!

Thank you for the great addition to my collection Mr. Morgan.

And more importantly, Thank you Chris!!!

One response to “Signing Results: Hall Of Famer & 2-Time NL MVP, Mr. Joe Morgan!!

  1. Excellent looking Morgan baseball!! Morgan was & still is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to baseball & came to broadcasting. I personally liked his ‘no-non-sense type’ of personality. Still cant believe he was released by ESPN.

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