’30-YOC Top Ten Lists’ – ‘Top Ten Iconic Films From The 1980s’

’30-YOC Top Ten Lists’ – ‘Top Ten Iconic Films From The 1980s’

I have been doing these ‘TopTen’ lists for a few weeks now and am really enjoying them.  Hopefully you are as well…

I am a movie guy.  During the offseason, I will try to crush two to three movies a week.  And thanks to the vault of films stashed in my NetFlix account, watching movies has never been easier.

But I only like certain movies – and what you will see below is that my taste in films during the 1980s was far from mature.  But hey, I was barely into my teens so cut me a little slack.

With that being said, you won’t find Terms of Endearment or Gandi or Chariots of Fire in my ‘Top Ten Iconic Films From The 1980s’.  What you will find are the films that I can still watch today that are guaranteed to make me react and recall the great memories I have of watching them during my youth.

And away we go…

Honorable Mention – ET, Top Gun, Footloose, Caddy Shack, Ghost Busters, Batman, Major League, Teen Wolf, and Rain Man.

10 – Revenge Of The Nerds – So many memorable parts.  And the laughs start from minute 1 and just keep going!

9 – Police Academy – Wow.  While the sequels got progressively worse, the original is outstanding.  The characters were so solid, and I cannot recall a single friend that wasn’t trying to sound like that guy who does all of the noises.  LOL!!

8 – Beverly Hills Cop –  Axel Foley was the man!  We all imitated his laugh too… And Bronson Pinchot stole the show!  Serge!!

7 – Stand By Me – Easily the best drama from my youth.  A very memorable story – all of us had friends like these guys when we were growing up.  Leeches!!

6 – Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – Another classic with super-strong characters.  And a little cameo by Charlie Sheen too – Winning!  My favorite scene is when Ferris is programming his keyboard to cough.

5 – Breakfast Club – More classic lines than possibly any movie from that time.  They covered each stereotypical high school kid very well.  And Vice-Principal Bender was hilarious!!  I’m crackin’ skulls!!

4 – Back To The Future – Hello McFly!!!  I loved this film.  Classic characters.  Classic cards.  Classic scenes.  My favorite?  Has to be when Marty meets his future uncle as a baby and tells him to get used to the bars of his crib.  LOL every time!!

3 – The Karate Kid – The movie that inspired millions, including me, to take up karate.  Everyone wanted Daniel to win.  And with the help of Mr. Miyagi, and a gorgeous Elizabeth Shue, Daniel was the victor!

2 – Die Hard – I cannot recall another film prior that blended comedy and action so perfectly.  Bruce Willis was fantastic in this film – and it is one of the only film franchises whose sequels are not disappointments when compared to the original.  Yippee Ka Yeah!!!

1 – Coming To America – I have never enjoyed a comedic film more than this movie.  Eddie Murphy proved his talent during every scene of this film – and each was brilliant.  From Sexual Chocolate to working at McDowell’s to the barber shop – the laughs never stop!!

Wow, what a great trip down memory lane!!  I think I am going to go see what I have on DVD that I can watch tonight…

Stay tuned next Sunday night as I present to you me ‘Top Ten Wrestlers From The 1990s’.

Thanks for reading!!

2 responses to “’30-YOC Top Ten Lists’ – ‘Top Ten Iconic Films From The 1980s’

  1. I agree w/ your top 10 ! I’ll add 10 more to your list.
    1. A Nightmare On Elm Street, 2. Friday The 13TH, 3. Full Metal Jacket, 4. National Lampoon’s Vacation & 5. Christmas Vacation, 6. 48 Hrs; 7. Black Rain, 8. Big Trouble In Little China, 9. Uncle Buck, 10. Lethal Weapon
    I could easily add another 10 to the list !!!

  2. Other notable 80s movies, Secret of My Success and The Great Outdoors, but nothing wrong with your list.

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