“Home Run Derby” – Contest Players & Their Picks

“Home Run Derby” – Contest Players & Their Picks

Ok, the games start in just a few short hours and culminate with Sunday Night Baseball on ESPN.

Here are the players and their picks:

Player # of HRs
JT 17
McGee Fan 51 20
Axemanohio 21
Jeff 22
coReds24 23
Lost Collector 24
Nathan 25
carlsonjok 26
Jacob 27
Dhoff 28
cubsfan731 29
Hackenbush 30
Rhubard 31
Play Ath The Plate 32
The Dimwit 33
Gregory 35
Drew 36
Jason 41
Charley 43

Good luck to all of the participants – and remember the player that comes the closest to the total number of home runs hit, without going over, at the conclusion of Sunday’s action will win their choice of two of these cards:

Good Luck everyone; and thanks for playing!!!

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