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53 BALLS!!!

53 BALLS!!!

The title of this post says it all….  And here it is:

Of all of the very cool things that I have accomplished from a collecting standpoint over the last two and a half years, collecting 53 autographed baseballs, many by my favorite players from my youth, has to rank very close to the top.

My goal is to hit 60 by the end of the year.  Stay tuned as I have some very unique and special treats to come as I shoot for 60!!!

Thanks for reading!

Andre Dawson 2011 Topps Dual Game-Used Jersey Card

Andre Dawson 2011 Topps Dual Game-Used Jersey Card

As soon as I saw these come across Ebay, I knew I would have to make some major efforts in adding a few to my collection.

And in typical Topps Tribute fashion, there are multiple versions and multiple groups of serial-numbered cards that make up the series.

This one, the Green version, is numbered as 61/75 and it features two nice sized chunks of lumber from a bat used by ‘The Hawk’.  And I have to say that the  Green background of this card look fantastic!

Now I just need to hunt down a few more of these bad-boys!!

Can Curtis Granderson Continue To Lead The League In Home Runs???

Can Curtis Granderson Continue To Lead The League In Home Runs???

I like lead-off guys.  And I really like lead-off guys that can deliver a little pop while at the plate.

But I have to admit that I am amazed that more than thirty games into the 2011 baseball season, Yankees’ outfielder Curtis Granderson is leading the league in home runs.

Granderson has pop – we all know that.  But the fact that his name rests atop the league’s leader board is unreal.  Hell, he should sit somewhere between 4th and 6th place on his own team…

My hat is off to you Curtis – Keep it up!!!

But how long can this really last???

Kirby Puckett 1989 Donruss All-Star

Kirby Puckett 1989 Donruss All-Star

Stat-speak continues….

For me the stat amassed by Puckett in 1989 that earned him his All-Star selection is this one:


Puckett won his only batting title in 1989 – with his AL best .339 batting average.  In 684 plate appearances, Puckett drew 41 walks and collected 215 hits (also a league high).

Batting Champ = All-Star every time, well almost every time…

Dwight Gooden 1993 Upper Deck

Dwight Gooden 1993 Upper Deck

I’m in the mood to talk stats.  And for me this is the stat that stands out most from Doc’s 1993 baseball season:

HBP – 9.  Gooden hit nine batters in 1993 ( a career high).  Was this a sign that he was losing his control that was once so dominant?  Or was it that he was just following orders issued by his manager?  We may never know, but for ‘Doc’ Gooden, 9 hit batters in a single season was a career high!

Happy Anniversary Al Leiter!!!

Happy Anniversary Al Leiter!!!

On this day in 1996, All Leiter threw a no-hitter for the Florida Marlins!!!

I happened to have been at this game, and it is by far the single greatest sporting event I have ever seen live in person.  This game easily trumps being at the World Series, The NBA Conference Finals, and any other baseball, basketball, or wrestling event I have ever been to.

I thought it would be fun to go back and review that original post I wrote over a year ago when I told you about ‘The Greatest Baseball Game I Have Ever Been To’.  And then being a bit of a risk taker, I sent the ticket stub from that game along with a baseball card and sent them to Al Leiter in hopes of getting him to sign them for me.  That went pretty well too

Thanks again Mr. Leiter.  And Happy Anniversary!!!