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Dennis Eckersley 1987 Topps

Dennis Eckersley 1987 Topps

I don’t know about you, but I never really cared for how the Cubs’ colors looked against the wood-grain border of the 1987 Topps baseball card design.

While it is far from hideous, I also think it is far from appealing.

Maybe your next question is – Well, smarty-pants, what team’s colors look good with the design then?  I’m glad you asked – in my opinion, the teams that looked best with this design are the ones that contained Orange – the Mets and the Orioles.  Don’t believe me?  Jump over to Ebay and take a look for yourself


Did You Know…

No one has played more major league games than Pete Rose, who participated in 3,562 contests during his major league career.  And when you look at the number of hits Rose collected in that time (4,256), that works out to Pete averaging 1.2 hits per contest.  WHEW!!!

Happy Birthday Roy Halladay!!!

Happy Birthday Roy Halladay!!!

Roy Halladay turns 34 years old today!!

Halladay is my favorite pitcher in today’s game that has never been affiliated with the Florida Marlins.  His style and approach on the mound reminds me of Fergie Jenkins and I believe that the 2 of these guys were and are very under-appreciated in comparison to their peers.

This 14-year veteran is a 7-time All-star that has already won 2 Cy Young Award and placed in the Top 5 three more times.  ‘Doc’ was the picture of consistency for the Toronto Blue Jays for more than a decade now and he continues to deliver impressive numbers with the Philadelphia Phillies.

His Phillies team has an outstanding chance of making it to the postseason this year and it would be great to see Halladay lead the Phils into October.  As we all know, with the playoffs comes recognition and respect.  And it’s about time that the baseball world recognized and respected Mr. Roy Halladay!!!

Happy Birthday Roy!!!

Happy Birthday Dennis Martinez!!!

Happy Birthday Dennis Martinez!!!

‘El Presidente’ turns 56 years old today.

A 22-season veteran, and solid pitcher throughout his playing days, Dennis Martinez was one of the most consistent performers during the late 1980s and into the 1990s.

With 562 career starts under his belt, Martinez amassed a record of 245-193 alongside 122 complete games and 30 shutouts.  His lifetime ERA of 3.70 is solid as he faced some of the greatest sluggers in baseball history over the course of his playing days.

Martinez is a 4-time All-star, and has 2 Top 5 finishes for the CyYoung award.  He never collected 20 wins in a single season, but he did capture at least 10 or more wins in fifteen big league seasons.

Suiting up for five different teams during his career, Martinez appeared in two World Series match-ups – losing both.

Happy Birthday ‘El Presidente’!!!

Happy Birthday Tony Perez!!!

Happy Birthday Tony Perez!!!

Tony Perez turns 69 years old today.

And I have to say that after seeing Mr. Perez in person several times over the last few years, he looks incredible for his age!!!

Tony Perez was a key element to the success of the Cincinnati Reds’ during the 1970’s.  A veteran of 23 major league seasons, Perez spent 16 of those years with the Reds.  He was a 7-time All-star, and a perennial candidate for the league’s MVP award during his prime.

Perez’s career numbers are solid.  A lifetime .279 hitter, Perez collected 2,732 hits during his playing days.  And while never classified as a power hitter, Perez crushed 505 doubles and 379 home runs while also amassing 1,652 RBI.

A 2-time World Series champion, and current member of the Florida Marlins management team, Tony Perez is a favorite at ’30-YOC’.

Happy Birthday Mr. Perez!!!